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Nothing on ultra sound - trying not to freak out

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I just found out I am pregnant. Previously, I’ve had one son who is 7 and two losses since him.

Each time before there was little to no warning, but confirmed by ultrasound.

My PCOS makes it difficult to know exactly when I ovulated or conceived, but according to my LMP I would have been close to 10 weeks. They did and ultra sound and there’s was absolutely nothing on the screen. A tiny ‘cyst like sac’ was seen but no yolk sac or anything. so they ordered lab work to compare to one’s taken yesterday. (First taken hcg was 1083.) I’ll update when we get results tomorrow. 

No one has told me I’m *not* pregnant or that the baby isn’t viable, but I feel like it is because they are avoiding the uncomfortable news. I’ve seen this before and I’m so terrified I am just waiting for bad news. 

I don’t know how to cope. My anxiety is through the roof and I’ve missed two days of work because I can’t face people right now. I’m crying off and on all day.

I know no one can tell me if I’m pregnant or not, but has anyone gone through something similar? Is it possible I am too early to see anything? I am looking for hope, but know from experience things don’t always turn out. 

Re: Nothing on ultra sound - trying not to freak out

  • I’m sorry you are going through this.  I’ve had two MC where DR made me wait a week from first US to confirm it was a loss.  DR wanted to make sure there wasn’t a miscalculation.  When the 2nd US was done and there was little to no change is when he confirmed loss.  I hope your timing is off and things turn around for you.  
  • I got my hcg back. In 24 hours it had risen 55% and went from 1083 to 1679. I can’t count on numbers alone, but I’m hopeful this increase is a good thing. 

    Thank you @Mack2342 I really appreciate you chiming in. 

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  • Update: we had an ultrasound done and was able to see it’s heartbeating, and got a measurement as well. Tomorrow should be 8 weeks.

    just an update if anyone has a similar situation and is looking for experiences. ♥️
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