3rd Trimester

Anyone ever suffer from SPD (symphysis pubic dysfunction)??

 I just started in with pain so terrible I often can't even walk. I've been cramping a lot with this pregnancy anyway (they say likely due to having these last 3 so close together). I have 2 toddlers at home, and work as a waitress. My mom is away with my brother and his wife as they're having their first baby, so I'm left to also care for my stepdad who just had major surgery on his spine. Now I'm rendered nearly immobile, and cramping even more severely and contracting more often. I wonder if that's from the excessive pain, stress... or if it's just normal? This is my 4th pregnancy and I've NEVER experienced anything like this. Any advice out there?

Re: Anyone ever suffer from SPD (symphysis pubic dysfunction)??

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    Honestly, I may sound hard core bitch.- but if your mom is with your brother and his wife, she really should be with your step dad, recovering from surgery! It doesnt even sound like they have had the kiddo yet???  You have enough on your plate.

    The pain may be because you are being over worked and stressed.  Honestly, it sounds like you need some extra help yourself.  I waitresses through36 weeks with my LO.  It's not easy.  Is there any way you can move to a hostess position to try and take some pressure off?  
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    I have it. It sucks. I'm carrying twins so I'm pretty sure the additional weight is making it worse. Yours could be from having had babies so close together. I'm lucky in that I have an office job where I sit most of the time, and when I'm home I lay on my left side when I rest. Is there anyone you can call for help or support, like a close friend or an aunt maybe? I have a lot of help with my 4 year old so I'm able to take it easy for the most part.
    I had this with my son, too, and it resolved itself as soon as he was born. You just have to hang in there until you're no longer pregnant, like with a lot of the other nasty symptoms we experience :\
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    Try googling “SPD exercises”. I had some mild SPD pain and did a couple of the exercises and was surprised by how quickly I felt better. You may also want to look into seeing a chiropractor or physical therapist to see if that helps alleviate any of the pain.

    Also, I agree you may just need so extra help.
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