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Anyone else suffering from SPD (symphysis pubis dysfunction)

   I just started in with pain so terrible I often can't even walk. I've been cramping a lot with this pregnancy anyway (they say likely due to having these last 3 so close together). I have 2 toddlers at home, and work as a waitress. My mom is away with my brother and his wife as they're having their first baby, so I'm left to also care for my stepdad who just had major surgery on his spine. Now I'm rendered nearly immobile, and cramping even more severely and contracting more often. I wonder if that's from the excessive pain, stress... or if it's just normal? This is my 4th pregnancy and I've NEVER experienced anything like this. Any advice out there?

Re: Anyone else suffering from SPD (symphysis pubis dysfunction)

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    Oh gosh that sounds so horrific and full on! My fiancé’s sister had her baby a few days ago and developed SPD from the birth and she literally can’t walk. If your cramping has increased and you’re finding it more difficult to walk I reckon I’d go and get that checked out for sure!!
  • Hi @NateKlages this is my first and I started getting bad lower back pain at about week 18. I talked to my OB and he told me to start swimming 3 times a week for 30 minutes. I did and it’s worked wonders. I now really notice if I haven’t had a swim for a couple of days. Plus, on days I’ve been swimming, I sleep soooo much better at night. My body feels tired but in a good way without pain. It is a bit hard trying to get to the pools as I work full time so I go late in the evenings but it’s well worth it. 
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  • Little late to the party but I've been diagnosed with this as well. Currently 30 weeks but have been having this for a while now. My doctor recommended seeing a pelvic floor physiotherapist and it's worked wonders for the pain. I've been doing various exercises and kinesio taping on my belly for strengthening and support and it's so much better than before. Another option is a belly support band (like a girdle). Not the most flattering since it sits overtop your clothing, but offers support for your low back, belly, and pubic symphysis. Swimming (as previously mentioned) and prenatal yoga are also highly recommended!
  • I have been suffering with SPD for the past three weeks (currently 36 weeks as of today). I had planned on working right up until labour, but now with this pain I have decided to go on medical leave.
    my doctor didn’t have much in terms of recommendations, but I’ve been doing prenatal yoga and swimming anyways. Do any of you have any links to good exercises?
  • I ended up doing physical therapy, and going to a chiropractor once a week. had to stop working. still hurts, but as long as i don't miss the appointments I can at least walk.
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