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(mention of child) (mention of loss)
Hey Everyone I'm Raelee, me and my husband have been trying over a year now and we have had an early miscarriage a month before we started trying, we have experienced 3 miscarriages before our 1st live birth (our daughter). We really do struggling a lot with getting pregnant. It's been so hard, doctors don't know why I keep losing my pregnancies or why we can't get pregnant. I definitely need a support group too.. lately I see all my friends that were pregnant with me (with my daughters pregnancy) are announcements of there 2nd babies and/or births and instead of being happy I just feel angry and jealousy... It's become so frustrating and hopefully I can get my next little bundle soon. Can't wait to get to meet you guys and here to support you guys too. 

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  • @raeleemoses - welcome! Sorry that you find yourself here, but hope you find support here on this board! Very sorry to hear about your losses and the struggles you’ve gone through so far! Totally get what you’re saying about feeling angry and jealous with other people’s pregnancies - I think feeling that way is pretty much the norm when going through infertility. Anyways, please feel free to jump in on the weekly check-ins! 
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