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ERD Question

Hi everyone!
Our family of 3 is new to Rota, Spain and have a baby coming April 1st. 

We have been extremely struggling already due to having only one income now. The SOFA rules here make it very hard to get a job and with me being pregnant, seemingly impossible. (I've been applying to what I can find).

My question is, does anyone have experience with an Early Return of Dependents? It's the last thing I want to do but I'm starting to think we have no other choice. With the bills we have, we can barely afford to buy groceries, let alone anything else. 

Just looking for advice or how things went for you if you've been through one. Do you wish you pushed through the best you could, even if it meant living off ramen noodles? Are you glad you did it? I feel awful enough at the thought of taking our new baby away from her father for 2.5 years.

Re: ERD Question

  • I’d recommend you talk to some of the military resources you have available. Rota, I’m assuming YH is Navy? Try Fleet and Family services and the Navy Marine Corps Relief Society.
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