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4 day wait period solids

We are just starting our 6 month old on solids and am reading so many conflicting articles on how to introduce food. Is the 4 day wait rule outdated ? We were going to do a new food every 3 days but now reading that you don’t need to do that ? What is everyone else doing ? 

Re: 4 day wait period solids

  • I saw that information about the 4 day wait being outdated as well. When my older soon started solids 3 years ago, we were told to wait 3 days, so that’s what we’re doing now. But I plan to ask about it at our 6 month appointment this week. 
  • So I've been making about 2 weeks worth of a puree at a time and freeze most of it. I'll give the twins a puree with us at dinner for 3 or 4 days then switch it up or add a spice to it. So we had yams 3 days in a row so to use up the rest of the yams I mixed it with a little cinnamon to make it more interesting! After a few days of that we'll do a new spice and either keep that up or start a new veggie.
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