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Period After Miscarriage

Hi Everyone! I was 9 weeks pregnant with my first and suffered a miscarriage on Feb 6. I bled for about a week and every now and then would have a random cramp or two (without bleeding) for another week after. However, the past 2+ weeks have been pretty normal/uneventful. I'm anxiously awaiting my first period and I started getting some horrible lower abdominal cramps 2 days ago on Wednesday (3/6). Cramping is really not that normal for me usually. I'll have some extremely mild ones from time to time so these were definitely new. I also am relatively regular with 28/29 day cycles. The cramping started exactly when my fertility app said I would get my period if I count the miscarriage as a period. However, I still haven't started bleeding yet and now the cramping is almost completely gone two days later. I'm a little bloated still, but I'm wondering if anyone has had this experience. When did you get your first period after miscarriage? I also did a pregnancy test this morning and it was negative. I highly doubt I'm pregnant. We had unprotected sex once since the miscarriage so doubtful. However, my husband and I are really anxious to start trying again so hoping it comes soon!

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  • I’m sorry about your loss! It’s so hard to know when you’ll get your period because everyone is so different. For me, each time I got a period around 30 days after. However, I now have terrible ovulation cramping that I never had before my miscarriages. Therefore, I think they just tend to change our bodies so all of what you said seems pretty “normal”. Hope it comes soon and you are able to start trying again. 
  • I'm still waiting, my miscarriage was a week ago, and I bled for four days. Our doctor said we could try again right away, since we were only at 5weeks. we're just gonna try this month, and see if anything happens. I have to admit, I think I'm more scared to get a positive than a negative... My cycle is longer, 34 days, which makes the waiting excruciating. Here's to hoping we all have boring, normal, easy pregnancies!
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  • Thank you for your responses ladies ! As a quick update, I got my period this morning on CD34. Don't think I have ever been more excited in my life to get my period! My husband and I are taking a mini vacay in about a week and a half. We booked it as a way to give us a little bit of piece and relaxation during this tough time and it looks like if all continues to go well, I may be ovulating on that vacay. So fingers and toes crossed for us! 
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    Just got mine this morning... 7 weeks to the day from my last MC.
    Also, I'd highly recommend temping and/or OPKs. Your body can do some really weird isht after a MC that you may have never experienced before. It's always better to know if you're 'late' coming in to your next period, or if you never ovulated, or if you ended up O'ing late. That extra bleeding or O cramps or weird symptoms you're experiencing, and whether they could be PG or O or AF... trust me... temp and do NOT go hard core into the "supposedly extra fertile first few cycles after MC" as that's a total misnomer. You'll just go extra crazy and be extra depressed and it sucks all around.
  • @ljchengem have a great vacation!!! My fingers are crossed for you! This whole thing is awful, and I'm sorry you had to go through it. Good luck!!!
  • I started mine just under 5w after my MC. I used to have a 5w cycle before becoming pregnant. And it looks like my 2nd period will be close to the same. I noticed it was slow to pick up like I had two days of spotting before the full onset. But once it finally did, it was way heavier and more painful than my usual periods, to the point advil wasn't even helping. My chest, while getting swollen, doesn't hurt anymore. I kind of miss that indicator... It was like a countdown...oh, hey.   Tender chest... 10 days to go ow ow ow ow 5 days to go.... Oh this bra is killing me I better start soon! Now, I have no dang clue as to when I'll actually start! 
  • So sorry for your loss! I had my MC in December.  I bled for about a week after and went back to a pretty normal 30 day cycle. I know this is hard, but I just want to warn you because no one warned me... that first period, the first seeing blood and clots after your MC may be disturbing. I took the pills and naturally passed my baby. After I got my first period and saw it brought back a lot of traumatic memories from that night.  Full blown anxiety/panic attack. But just know it will ease up over time and become easier each month 
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    I'm having the same issue with bleeding. I started miscarrying a little over a week ago, at 8 weeks, and I'm still passing tissue and clots. The bleeding is heavier now,  so I'm not sure if it is part of the miscarriage, or if  I'm starting my period. We are TTC, but there is a lot of bleeding during and after sex, which makes it awkward. The doctor has been checking my levels, which went down a bit last week. I'm not really sure what is going on with my body atm, and this is my first miscarriage, so I'm really confused. 
  • I understand how you felt. I am still bleeding from my MC and every time I see that, I feel like my heart is breaking all over again. 
  • @knottie4393a13ff867f255 you shouldn't be TTC while still mc'ing. For a few different reasons. You are still actively miscarrying, the heavier blood is still part of it. You won't have your period until after this has stopped, likely a few weeks later. Your cervix is still open and risk of infection is quite high. You should only use pads, no tampons. And nothing up the vagina until you've stopped bleeding. No baths, no pools, no sex. If for some crazy miracle you did ovulate, which I'm no doctor but it just doesn't work that way, your little egg would have no lining to burrow into. And dating in early pregnancy is very important, if you TTC before your first cycle after Mc has passed, the doctor won't be able to date and this could cause all kinds of issues, many emotionally. There's reasons why doctors will tell you to wait between 1 and 3 cycles after your Mc. If your doctor says 1 cycle, that's great have at it - after your first period. And this is not your period, it's your miscarriage
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