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Baby proof but not senior proof, need help

So we just moved in with my in laws and the LO has just started walking, won't be long before the doors start getting opened.  So obviously we need door locks, but my FIL is wheelchair bound and doesn't have the manual dexterity needed to turn a door knob.  My FIL has multiple medical devices and supplies all over his bedroom that must remain easily accessible to him, baby proof latches are not an option as he can't open them and several things are just to big to be contained. 

Of course that means LO is not allowed to go into grandpa's room, but try telling him that.  Right now the door handle is just out of reach but it won't be long now.  Unfortunately there is no way to fence off any part of the house that wouldn't leave my FIL either stuck in his bedroom or the kitchen all day(open floor plan is a blessing and a curse).  A baby gate in the doorway is impossible as grandpa cannot put one back in place and secure it. So grandpa's room needs a lock that is baby proof but that grandpa can still unlatch without hurting himself.  It is a standard size door with a lever handle at the end of a narrow hallway.

The only thing I found that looked like it might work was the door monkey, but FIL can't reach the release button on the inside of that one.  So I need help, any ideas?

Re: Baby proof but not senior proof, need help

  • What about one of those slide locks - similar to on some bathrooms - about 6-8 inches above the door handle? Maybe you can find a big/user-friendly one that he could manipulate? 
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    Check out the door buddy. It’s basically like a security chain that goes on your front door, but attaches with strong adhesive tape and is adjustable length. We have one on a door that never matched properly. Just put it high enough so your FIL can reach but LO can’t.
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