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2nd Trimester

When can others start to feel the baby?

I'm currently 21 weeks with our first little
one and have been feeling the little flutters for a couple weeks now but anxious for my husband to feel the stronger kicks too!

Re: When can others start to feel the baby?

  • It's hard in the beginning! I've felt them with my hand on my stomach, but they aren't consistent enough for my husband to feel it. As soon as I would tell him to feel,  it stopped. You kind of have to wait until the get more active. This is my third and I've always had anterior placentas, so that can make it harder too I think!
  • Flutters started at 20w but baby daddy didn't start feeling the kicks with his hand until 22w
  • My 4 year old felt it for the first time the other day! She was talking and I put her hand on my belly and she froze and her eyes got huge😊 It was the cutest thing. My husband has felt it a few times now. I'm 24 weeks.
  • I’m 23 weeks and hubby can now feel our little acrobatic star doing all kinds of things in there. I love it. 
  • I'm 23 weeks and the flutters are getting stronger. I want my husband to be able to feel them one day.  
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