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2nd and 3rd anatomy ultrasounds

Hi all!
Has anyone else had to go back for multiple anatomy scans? How common is it?

At my first anatomy scan, they missed several shots due to baby's position including lips, heart, and physical sex. I recently had my second anatomy scan and they still couldn't get a good shot of the heart arteries. 

Fast forward a few days, I receive a call from my dr saying I may have to travel to the nearest city (8hrs away) to get a third anatomy scan in order to get a better look at the heart.

If it were just about the correct angle, why make me travel, and if not, my baby boy, my first born could have a heart defect. Honestly, I'm freaking out!

Re: 2nd and 3rd anatomy ultrasounds

  • Totally normal, on both counts (both to be freaked out and to be sent elsewhere for the scan of the heart). Most OB offices don’t have machines that are capable of the same level of detail as a maternal fetal medicine specialist, which means that if they can’t get the detailed shots they need, they will send you out to get a better look. I’m not saying there ISN’T something amiss (we’re not doctors over here, which you know), but for some small reassurance, it really is very routine to have this happen (just went through it myself, with good results). Try not to stress too much in the meantime - doctors don’t usually obfuscate intentionally.
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    From what I've heard it's not that unusual to need more than one look, especially if your baby isn't feeling cooperative!! It's also possible that there's recently been a change in what exactly they want or need to see and they just don't have it all yet. For example, my sister-in-law's first 2 pregnancies they just wanted to see 4 heart chambers, but with her 3rd there had been a change in best practices and they wanted to see all 8 so she had to go back and it freaked her out until she understood why they needed a second look. 

    Like @KissMeImScottish said it could also be that they need a clearer picture and they want to send you somewhere with better equipment. I had a very early US for viability after I had some spotting, and they sent me to a very specific office for it specifically because of the quality of images they produced.

    I know it's easier said than done, but try not to stress until you know if there's really a reason to be worried. Most doctors are very upfront if they're concerned about something, and if they thought there was a serious issue most likely they would be telling you to book that additional ultrasound ASAP instead of saying you might have to go for a third scan. Like KMIS said we aren't doctors and we don't know the medical aspects of your pregnancy, but I wouldn't expect them to wait around if there was something they were worried about.
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