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Baby gate help

Hi! I'm having a terrible time finding a baby gate for the bottom of our stairs. We have a staircase that has 2 round banisters at the bottom and no walls to drill into. Any suggestions for something that will work? See photo.

Re: Baby gate help

  • We have a similar set up at grandma's house.  What my mom did was find a gate that is the exact width between the banisters, and is designed to let an adult through without moving the gate. Create covers for the banisters using pool noodles, then zip tie gate into place. The pool noodles will help hold the zip ties in place and keep your wood from getting to scratched.  Use a bunch of zip ties, add at least two more to each side when you thing you are done.  Won't look great but is effective.
  • We have these barriers between the rooms so that the child doesn't go where he shouldn't. So they make sense. But you still have to keep an eye on him. We took the first plastic ones, and our son could stick his hand through them. 
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