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Mirena and confused 😣

Hey All -

I came here looking for advice/experiences.
ive been on the Mirena for over three years. I can’t even remember the last time I had my period! I never even feel symptoms, except maybe bloating but I honestly don’t know!

Last week, from like Wednesday to Thursday, I experienced brown spotting. Very little, just when I wiped and a little on the undies. Totally weird for me. A week before this, my boobs were super sore but I figured it was from my workouts. They aren’t sore anymore but I keep getting little jolts/twinges in them.
ive been feeling nauseous, on and off, especially when I’m hungry or when I lay on my stomach.

If I didn’t have an IUD I would absolutely think I was pregnant....

At first, I thought maybe it slipped or got lodged somewhere....so Thursday, I went to have it checked and it was in place. 

Since then, I’ve taken a few pregnancy tests and they’ve been negative. I swore I saw a super faint positive on a FRER but I’ve take others since (FRRR and CBD) and the e been neg.

What would you do? Anyone with a similar experience? If I went with my gut, I’d say I was pregnant but hp tests are pretty accurate. 

Thanks for reading! It’s been awhile since I’ve visited these boards!!

Re: Mirena and confused 😣

  • No experience but Mirena can give side effects at any point while inserted - including years later. Pregnancy with Mirena in place could be complicated so if you think there is a possibility that you might be pregnant despite negative HPTs, call your OB and request bloodwork be done to see if you have HcG readable levels.
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