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I don’t want a baby shower!!!

I don’t want a baby shower and no I won’t regret it later. I’m bothered by crowds and I had a big wedding which really upset me as well. So I now know I don’t want to engage! The gesture is nice but I actually do not want a shower. I can afford to buy the things that I’m going to need so I don’t have to have people buy me diapers etc. Also I’m not exactly thrilled about bringing family memebers together etc as people like to say the shower does. We have family reunions for that. People just keep acting like I’m doing them wrong when I say I don’t want a shower but it literally stresses me out. I just don’t want it. Phew I said it. 🤷🏽‍♀️

Re: I don’t want a baby shower!!!

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    You are not alone! I'm 44 and pregnant with my husband's only child and my son is 15. I don't care for all the attention! 
  • Same here... i feel it's a lot of fuss and stress.. i am an introvert and throughly enjoying the lockdown.. so much so i haven't even announced my pregnancy yet.. 
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  • I feel similar. I have anxiety about family gatherings. I'm not going to go out of my way to have one but if someone offers to host one and really wants to... I won't say no. (Depending on the health climate when that time comes anyway..)
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