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Question for mommas who went overdue

This is my 2nd babe. My 1st I went into labor at 39 weeks.  I guess I was hoping for the same this time but I am now 4 days overdue, And worse, I've had prodromal labor for 2 weeks, this weekend being the worst at having them every 6 minutes since Friday night. How did you stay sane? 
How do you know when it's real vs more fake labor?
I'm mentally struggling. 

Re: Question for mommas who went overdue

  • Hi there @corgicreator I went an entire week past due and was induced. (Which didn’t work, and I ended up having a c-section.) All I can say is just try to focus on small comforts throughout the day. I was miserable and super uncomfortable. When I started to think about it, my discomfort was magnified 100%. I would try to focus on things that did make me feel better. Stretching, cat cows, having my hubs rub my back and feet. Smalll comforts for me through each day. I hope this help and that you deliver soon. 
  •  Have you been to see your doctor? I think EDD was wrong and he measured 6ish days ahead consistently, but according to EDD I was induced 1 day past. I was pretty uncomfortable the last week. I agree with @nataliezbrungart focusing on the small things helps. I also tried accupunture which didn't get baby moving but I slept so well after it! I had my hubs give me foot rubs which also helped. As much as you can do things you find relaxing (napping counts!)
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