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UPDATE Empty sac 5w5d

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hello everyone! My husband and I had been trying for over a year to get pregnant, we done 3 months of clomid. However, I decided to take a break and hadn’t been on clomid or temping or using opk’s since November. So turning up pregnant was a very pleasant surprise! My LMP is 1/21, due date 10/28. Hcg Tuesday was 959 and Thursday was 2451! I bled a little Wednesday night and stopped. Then I bled a good bit Friday morning but again stopped. So I was sent for a US this morning and could only see what appears to be an empty sac. I haven’t heard back from the dr yet, I assume they’ll do another in a week or two. Anyone have experience with this? Good or bad. 

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  • I have not had experience with this but it is very early to be able to see anything on the US. Perhaps your doctor can bring you in for another Beta test to be sure your numbers are still rising. Worrying over a weekend is always pure hell, but if it were me I would definitely call the office first thing Monday and see what they want you to do to follow up. Fingers crossed all is well.
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  • Thank you. I’m sure it’ll be a long week or two until they repeat the ultrasound. 
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    I'm currently going through something similar. I had a u/s for pain at 5w4d yesterday and had an empty gestational sac measuring at 5w5d. OB wasn't concerned. I've done a lot of research, and the yolk sac typically forms between 5.5 and 6 weeks. A lot can happen in just a couple days. My first official appointment is in 2 weeks. I'm incredibly nervous, but there's a reason they don't like doing a u/s too early. 

    Also, if you weren't temping, perhaps you ovulated a couple days later. That could change your timeline.

  • I'm right there with you. I went in last two Thursday's ago and I had a sac that was empty. Doc was pretty confident that dates are off and I just O'd late. I go in this coming Thursday(2 weeks) for another ultrasound. It's torture. 
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  • @kindbytealikat I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you! Let me know how it goes! 

    Thinking back I do believe I o’d 4 days later. It was a weird month. I usually o on day 14 exactly and it’s very painful for several hours. However I noticed on the 8th that I had a slight pinch on my right side that only lasted a couple mins so I checked my period app and it was day 18. I thought that was weird because I should’ve already ovulated and could that really be it? Honestly I figured I didn’t ovulate at all for the cycle. So if all that is correct I’d only be 5 weeks 3 days now and my due date would be Nov. 1st which would explain a lot for me. 

    I have my first actual appointment with an ultrasound on the 21st so I probably won’t have another until then. But I’m just going to TRY and forget about this ultrasound and hope that baby was just too small still. 
  • I had my first scan at 5 weeks 2 days and had a single gestational sac but no fetal pole or yolk sac. It was commented that 'it's not expected to be seen at this very early stage'.
    My doc said come back at 8 weeks.
  • After the dr saw my ultrasound results he called me in for a repeat 10 days later (today) and we got to see a tiny bean with a heartbeat of 120! So relieved! New due date is 11/3! 
    That's amazing congratulations 🥰 I just had my scan yesterday and have heartbeat and wee sized m&m inside me 😁 I thought I was 8 weeks but scans show 7weeks. 
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