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how much weight have you gained?

I am 24 weeks and 3 days and I already feel huge!!  i had lost about 5 pounds the first few months of pregnancy and now i have gained around 10 pounds total.  was curious to see if some of you have gained the same amount or am I just getting too big.  

Re: how much weight have you gained?

  • I have no idea! I 25+ weeks but I don’t remember what they said at my last appt. I feel like it was +10-12 pounds. 
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  • I think I’ve put on 20lbs so far but mostly in fluid retention (helloooooo pitting oedema) 
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  • I’m about 25 weeks and have gained 12 lbs. I gained 10 in the first trimester and only 2 since; everyone is different :) I have several friends who gained 40-60 lbs while pregnant and a few who only gained 20 or so total. I think they say “average” is 2-4 in 1st trimester, and 1lb /week after 
  • I’m 24 weeks tomorrow and from my pre-pregnancy weight I am sitting at about 11-12lbs so far. I lost weight in the first trimester as well and kept the same weight until I got into the second trimester. 
  • I’m so glad to hear I’m right around where you guys are. I feel huge, and especially look it (I’ve never been at this weight before)! But at my appointment last week I had gained 7 pounds. I feel like I’ve gained more than that though. I’m so worried I’m going to gain too much/have a big baby. I guess as long as she’s healthy and I can get back to hot yoga after I recover I’ll be fine 🤷‍♀️
  • Aaaaand my midwife says I've gained too much weight 😑
    Happy snacking, ladies!
  • All you ladies are still so small!! Pre pregnancy I was 110lbs and ran 4 days per week. I am still running but have cut down miles per week, eat relatively healthy and am up a total of 19lbs. I gained 10 of that in one month and asked what else I could do. My doc was not worried at all, she said women gain at different rates and times so my body could have just felt like it needed it that month. If your doc isn’t concerned I wouldn’t be either. 

    Happy baby growing everyone!
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    Gained too much with an 8lb gain @holyboobsbatman?! That's crazy! I literally haven't been weighed at the OB since my first appointment in November last year.
  • @wiseh Oh really? I get weighed at every doctors appointment. They do the whole weight and blood pressure. At the OB office I have a pee in a cup. 
  • @wiseh I was just as surprised as you. However, 7 of those 8 pounds gained were in the past 4 weeks, so she was concerned I'm putting on weight too quickly. I'm taking her concern with a grain of salt.
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    I don’t even get my BP taken @ami500. The last planned appointment I had was at 20 weeks though so I guess most pregnancy complications don’t start to present themselves for at least 5-6 weeks after that? My current OB is a big believer of not over investigating things unless there’s a need for it. I’m also still low risk even with everything going on. At the clinic I’m moving to they’ve put me in the highest level of care so will see how they differ in a month’s time. 

    @holyboobsbatman I’m glad you’re taking it with a grain of salt. I think it’s still too early to project final pregnancy weight gain. It’s not a linear relationship
  • @holyboobsbatman I am up a total of 9 lbs (6 of which I gained in the 4 weeks between my 18 week appt & my 22 week appt this past Thursday. My dr didn't say a word about my weight this last time. I am, however, trying to be more aware of the snacking & trying to remember to add more fresh veggies into my diet. I think part of the weight gain this past month has been from fluid retention (noticed my feet start to swell towards the end of the day), so maybe that's part of your gain?
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  • At 25 weeks today I'm up 12.6 lbs! Mostly all belly but I still feel like a little piggy. 
  • lmcwlmcw member
    26 weeks, I'm up a whole 8 lbs from my pre-pregnancy weight :| to be fair I got sick right before Christmas and lost a bit of weight, so all things considered I'm probably up about 10 lbs total through this trimester. It's pretty much all belly, but when I look at myself from the side I feel...wide...

    My family doc kept going on about how I should have gained at least 10 lbs by week 20 but my OB is totally not fazed so if he isn't worried I'm just going to keep doing what I've been doing!
  • @magpie87 Our friend threw us a gender reveal party last month, hosted it at our home so we kept all the leftover food. So I will admit all those cakes and cookies *miiiiight* have had something up do with that 😬 
  • @wiseh My midwife said weighing in is optional and I was like, great, let's never do that then 😂😂


  • Saw Ob today, @23 weeks, gained 15 lbs so far. It all depends on your size/shape/weight beforehand. If you are overweight or underweight as opposed to "average" than you have to keep in mind your weight gain will be different than what the online calculators recommend. 
  • 26 weeks and at least 40 lbs. I've given up caring at this point. I lived off cigarettes and sugar free red bull pre pregnancy so I gained like 10 lbs immediately because I had to give those up. I was tracking calories to only eat the recommended amount 1800 first trimester  but the number on the scale didn't seem to care so I got frustrated and stopped. I was a normal healthy weight pre pregnancy and now I'm like clinically obese. Its depressing but I'll be motivated to lose it in a few months here. Plan on doing another marathon this Fall to keep me motivated, maybe join a weight loss competition. Could be fun. ;)
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    I am 5’8 and was 125 pre-pregnancy. I have already gained 24 pounds at 27.5 weeks. My OB told me to expect to gain anywhere from 30-40 pounds total. I stopped working out for about a month in my first trimester because every time I did I got sick, but I work out 6 days a week now (which I did pre-pregnancy). Honestly ALL of my weight is in my belly and chest. My arms, legs, and back look exactly like they did pre-pregnancy and I feel great. My vitals are also good and I am not having issues with swelling (yet). So…I guess it is what it is. I think everyone is different and there are a lot of factors. I have gained a lot compared to you ladies, but I feel great and my OB keeps referring to me as healthy and thin. :)

  • I’m 24 weeks and have gained 16lbs so far. With my DD I carried her until 40 weeks and gained 30lbs ( I gained 7lbs my 40th week NO joke! I was sooooooo incredibly swollen) Anyways, no shame in the gain! I love being prego and growing this babe!! 
  • I'm at 25 weeks and up 23 pounds. Happy as clam and not worried. I was at first but I'm still working out, still eating the best I can (with more treats than normal) and my provider has expressed no concerns. Pregnancy is too short to worry about weight. So long as babe is good and your being as healthy as you can while maintaining sanity is all that matters in my opinion. 
  • 20lbs at 25 weeks.  I was super sick for about 3 weeks and the lack of activity seemed to really pack the pounds on.  Weight gain has slowed back to a normal pace now so looking at maybe 35lbs total (unless I retain water like I did with #1....)
  • 10 lbs at 26 weeks. My weight gain was slow at first but at my last appt I jumped up like 6 or 7 lbs. I eat well sometimes and sometimes I eat bad lol it is what it is. I still go to the gym to go walking or do yoga every now & then.
  • 4-5 pounds.  I had hyperemesis really bad in the beginning though. I'm 28 weeks.
  • Lurking from July 19.....for those who lost weight at the beginning due to morning sickness, when looking at weight gain, do you count from your lowest, or from pre-pregnancy?
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  • @ameliabedelia-2 I lost 3lbs in the first trimester (not too terrible, but there were a few weeks I just didn't want to eat), so I count from pre-pregnancy weight. 
  • I am currently 27.5 weeks. I lost 20 lbs in my first trimester and I've only gained like 7 lbs back:) 
  • lmcwlmcw member
    @ameliabedelia-2 I lost some weight at the end of my first tri thanks to the flu, and hadn't really gained up until then anyways so I've been counting from my pre-pregnancy weight as well
  • 16 lbs gain. I'm 27 weeks. Although I'm still within the average range, I feel like I gained a bit too much. I need to stop drinking so much milk and need to start walking more.
  • @krlp11 but milk is awesome! I swear we are going through 7 litres in a week right now...I love it. 

    I'm 31w5d and as of my last midwife appt (2 weeks ago), I've gained around 20 pounds. 
  • 12 pounds at 27 weeks. My doctor literally claps with enthusiasm whenever I gain a pound. 
  • 24lbs, 32 weeks... hoping for not many more. Last time I gained 30 but started off 3-4lbs lighter.  I gained a ton in the first tri, eating was the only thing that kept the nausea bearable. Oh well...
  • 22 lbs at 27 weeks. OB is happy with it. My belly is starting to look like a watermelon already lol
  • 21 lbs gained so far, 30 weeks along. I gained 50 lbs total with DS, so it's anyone's guess as to what this one is going to do. 
  • I have only gained 11 lbs and I am 31 weeks. The doctor said I was measuring a bit small but baby is measuring where he should be and is healthy!
  • lmcwlmcw member
    @krlp11 @sarah_is_pregnant @jbm925 I’d forgotten how much I love milk until I got pregnant!! I also found that my lactose free brand makes THE most delicious chocolate milk and that’s just danger lol

    31 weeks and up about 15 pounds. But my scale is always lower than my doc’s, so we’ll see what it REALLY is tomorrow...
  • 31 weeks and up 17 lbs. seems like we are all doing great 

    I started about 15lbs heavier than my goal weight, so I’m hoping the whole breastfeeding weight loss thing happens for me 😂 fingers crossed. I’ve been doing yoga 3-4x per week, walking at least 2x a week, stand at work still mostly, and lately pretty active in our landscaping efforts with the new house; probably the only reason I haven’t gained a ton even tho I’ve been eating like a teenage boy.... 🤣
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