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Anyone get pg right off of the pill?

I got off of my bc on January 20th and what I’m assuming was period on January 24th, then I took a test last week, positive 4 days in a row. Doctor confirmed. Whoa that was super fast. Of course I’m stressing about it being so early and unsure of dates! Anyone have something similar happen?

Re: Anyone get pg right off of the pill?

  • Nope!
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  • I dont think so. I would be asking for a dating ultrasound with your doctor.  
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  • I know a few women that have had this happen and a few that had their BC fail. It happens, OP
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  • Both times getting pregnant, after coming off of my birth control I made sure that we prevented for a couple months.  This was not only for my body to regulate itself again but also so I knew my LMP for dating reasons.

    A dating ultrasound will be your only answer.
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  • Ask your doctor for a dating scan.  This isn't unusual.  Women get pregnant while on the pill sometimes, so it's not necessarily weird to get pregnant when you first come off of it.
  • I’m on the same boat!! I got off bc on Jan 28th then had a withdrawal bleed Jan 31st-Feb 1st. I used my withdrawal bleed as my LMP to calculate my EDD. With that, I should be four weeks along but I won’t know for sure without a dating US :smile:
  • Me!! I got off the pill Dec 30 and conceived during 1st week of January. I was/am definitely shocked but coming around to being excited finally haha. Wasn't expecting it to be so quick at all!
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