Clogged Duct?

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Hi all,
I’m pretty sure I have a clogged duct that’s lasted around 4 days now. It feels like a small hard grape in my right breast, isn’t particularly sore except after I wail on it, and doesn’t seem to be getting worse but also not better. I’ve tried heat, massage, vibration, long pumping sessions while massaging with no luck. I’m a little confused because it doesn’t seem to be getting worse and I’m worried I’m screwing my supply up pumping  and nursing so much. It’s my dominant side already so typically produces more than the other. When the bump first showed up my supply seemed a little slow that day, but since then is back to normal or more since it’s getting so much attention. 

I also need some advice for night time. My babe is sleeping 5 or 6 hour stretches a lot now, so I wake up really full. I’ve been nursing him on the clogged side and he does a decent job of draining it, but then I have to pump the other side at least 10 minutes to take the edge off. He won’t take both because when I’m really full I have around 4 or 5 oz in my dominant side and 3 or 4 oz in non-dominant. He never eats more than 5 oz in one sitting so definitely doesn’t need 8oz. I’ve had clogged ducts on the other side that I’ve been able to clear but don’t want to get one there too because I’m favoring the plugged side. I really hate having to pump all the time too when I’m not at work. I feel like pumping and nursing him on my plugged side is making my supply crazy there, so I basically have to pump my other breast several times per day to drain it. Plus, I already have a lopsided supply that I feel like I’m making worse.

Basically I feel like I’m doing this all wrong. Any advice would be much appreciated! Thank you! 
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