April 2018 Moms

Anybody on here still?

I've been looking to connect with other moms but I haven't been able to find many recent convos or topics

Re: Anybody on here still?

  • DDRRT1982DDRRT1982 member
    edited February 2019
    Most of April 18 joined with us in March 18 bob.  We have a small group still going.  You are more than welcome to come over, intro, and contribute. 
  • It was super dead on here since before babies were born. 
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  • I just popped on today out of curiosity! Honestly I am most active on a couple of April 2018 facebook groups rather than the message boards because it's pretty dead around here.

    My guy was born 4/6 (10 days early) and it'd hard to believe our babies are getting ready to be a year old! 
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