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Appointments Week of 2/25

What’s on the schedule this week!?
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Re: Appointments Week of 2/25

  • Finding out what this little peanut is on Wednesday!!!
  • Anatomy scan tomorrow! We already know it's a boy, but I'm still excited :)
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  • A/S on Wednesday!
  • A/S on Wednesday here too!  I can't think about anything else.
  • @Bear14+ I totally missed that you found out what you are having! Congrats!!!

    I have an OB appt today and the anatomy scan tomorrow. We're team green so no finding out BUT I have been looking forward to this scan for weeks. I am so excited to see baby again.

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  • My anatomy scan is tomorrow! :) 
  • As on Wednesday as well! Only 2 more days then I can I buy all the clothes and fabric! 
  • Have fun with all your AS’s ladies!! 
  • We have a specialist appointment on the 28th to check placenta. My AFP score was slightly high (2.07 when they don’t want higher than 2) and they’ve basically ruled out neural tube defects from my last ultrasound (yay!) so that leaves us with the possibility of a leaky placenta. So we have to get that looked into. I’m excited to see baby boy again and anxious to find out what’s going on and make a plan. We also see our midwife Thursday morning so it’ll be a full day of baby appointments. 
  • Anatomy Scan for me on Wednesday! (Tomorrow!) Less than 24 hours until I find out!!! I'm so excited, I don't know if I will sleep tonight. And PLEASE cooperate baby. 
  • Had my 20w scan today and everything seemed ok. LO was measuring a little bit ahead but otherwise I won't know anything until they upload the results and my midwives review. 

    @nolemomma14 I had the exact same thing with my US today, we stopped part way through so I could stretch and move around to get LO to turn over. 

  • @mamanbebe I thought LO would never move just right so the tech could get the shots she needed! She constantly had her arms up so it was blocking the view of the heart and that’s what took the longest. 

    Baby also measured 3 days ahead, but they weren’t concerned. I’ll have a growth scan at 28 weeks, but that’s mostly to monitor for high fluids. 
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  • @nolemomma14 I was measuring ahead by 3 days at my A/S scan last week. My daughter was always ahead, too. I don’t think they worry about anything +\- 7 days 
  • @wineandcoffee my doctors are the same. Anything within a week they’re fine with. At 24 weeks they start measuring fundal height so as long as that measures within range as well they don’t mind. My last one measured on track until 34 weeks and it turned out I had high fluid levels which is what they’ll keep an eye out for this time. 
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  • I put a little update in my group update but thought id share my A/S went great today! Baby was cooperative and my tech was amazing... she said baby looked good and no concerns. I really enjoyed just watching baby on the screen while she did her measurements and after she was done the business aspect of the appointment the tech gave me a fun "tour" and explained all the parts of the baby - except no gender, still team green :)
  • @canuckmomma our AS was a really great experience as well. It was so fun to see everything! Our lady gave us 5 copies of all the pictures she printed! 
    Baby was not having any of it. Barely moved around. Kicked her feet a little bit, but really didn’t want to budge. The US tech made me lay a little upside down on the bed because her head was wedge in my pelvis nicely. The tech said, “Well, somebody is just a little too comfortable.” 
    It was very fun. 45 minutes! 
    Im measuring about 5 days ahead. But not enough to change it. 
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