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Belly buds

Now that we have reached our halfway point and baby can hear what’s going on, I have been looking at belly buds. Has anyone else used these or are you using them? Do you think they are good for the baby and that they work? I would love to start having my baby listen to music or stories while she’s in my belly but don’t know if this is a good investment. Not that it’s expensive just don’t like buying useless junk lol

Re: Belly buds

  • I've never used them. I figure, baby can hear me talking and reading stories to my other kids, so s/he will recognize my voice. I'm ok with waiting a few more months for the baby to listen to music. Plus I think it's actually really loud in a uterus anyway!
  • +1 to what @Cbeanz said. Baby can hear me talking all day long and DD and I listen to music all the time too so I'm sure she's hearing that as well. I think they say the amniotic fluid actually amplifies sound so I've heard the buds aren't actually great for baby. 
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  • I wouldn't bother, personally. Baby can hear me talking and singing just fine😊 When my oldest was born,  she started crying in the hospital. Hubby was passed out inthe chair and no one else was there. I wasn't sure if I could get up so I just started talking to her. She calmed immediately at the sound of my voice❤ If only it was always that easy😆
  • I bought them as an excited FTM. It was fun listening to music on my own earphones and "sharing" the music with the baby. That said, it was more for me than for baby. I will not be using them this second time around lol. Mostly for the reasons already stated - baby can hear what's going on outside of the womb anyways. They are very, very quiet, fwiw.  I had no concerns about them being too loud.

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  • It’s not my question but this makes me concerned that when it’s just me and baby, I don’t speak out loud enough. I want to start reading him books every day but I don’t think I’ll buy the earbuds. When I want him to know I’m there, I can usually make him move with a firm gentle push on my belly. He usually moves in a few seconds after I do. 
  • @leylea89 You speak much more than you realize, even if it's pretty quiet when it's just to two of you. Your voice is way more amplified than everyone else's when you are talking to them. Baby will definitely know mama's voice (not to mention your smell) when he or she gets here! 
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