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2nd Trimester

Constant Migraines, anyone else?

Just over 20 weeks and this has been going on since I was about 10 weeks. I have migraines that last hours. Sometimes days. They make it hard to eat and keep it down. Makes me not want to do anything or be around anyone. 
Anyone else had any issues with this?

Re: Constant Migraines, anyone else?

  • You should let your provider know, as there are medications you can take to help.
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  • Same here! My Dr gave me some meds (the caffeine pills) and I hate them. I have not only had horrible migraines for forever now but the past couple days i've had a constant full feeling in my head because of how bad my sinuses are. I've heard they get better so I'm rooting for you as well!
  • Yep, same here but I did have migraines before pregnancy as well. They used to be monthly but now are weekly 😩 I’m 21 weeks now but they’ve been around since the first trimester. My neurologist had me try 2 different medications that did nothing for me (the only thing in 5 years to work for my migraines is apparently not safe for baby) so now I’m trying nerve block injections and so far they haven’t made the migraines go away but they have gone from lasting 3 days at a time to only 1 which I’m thankful for! Apparently this is the last option that’s safe for pregnancy... 
    but I feel your pain! They’re miserable!
  • ugh. I feel your pain!! I actually came to this board looking for headache/migraine support! I don't post too often, but wanted to see if anyone else is suffering with headaches and migraines. Before pregnancy I got about 4-6 migraines with aura, a year and I got one weekly in first tri. I haven't had a migraine since but I get a headache EVERY SINGLE DAY. Today was my first successful day without a headache. I ate SO MUCH and drank a ton of water. I think it helped. I do have a dull ache, but I will take it over the pounding I usually get. My midwife was kind of like "oh that sucks" when I told her about my daily headache, no real suggestions. Anyway, Hang in there mamas! this won't last forever!!

  • I have been hospitalized twice for headaches. I take Fioricet and it seems to be working. I have had a headache for months. Its awful.
  • With my daughter, my OB prescribed reglan that I could take with 2 extra strength Tylenol because I’m normally prescribed sumatriptan when not pregnant for migraines.  This pregnancy, I’ve had two so far so I’ll ask for it again.
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