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Team green check in?!!

I haven’t seen a team green check in in a while, I apologize if it’s there and I just missed it. How many of us are still out there? How are anatomy scans going and is anyone having a hard time staying team green? Nursery plans?                                   We had our scan last week and it was not hard to stay strong. My husband didn’t even ask once about finding out which surprised me. My daughter is also ok with the surprise. I’m thinking of decorating the nursery with moon and stars theme.  I cannot remember the normal format of questions for these check ins so feel free to add on.

Re: Team green check in?!!

  • I was Team Green, but I failed.  I loved the unknown last pregnancy, but the planner in me kicked in and I wanted to know for sure what items to buy so I can save money in the long run.  Plus, I was having some trouble bonding with the baby.  It did not seem real to me, so this has really helped build that up as now he has his own little identity.  Not to say he didn't before, we just didn't know it.  If you can stay Team Green-do it!  The excitement is awesome.  It's like having your own little secret agent kicking around in there.  Plus it's fun to see if everyone's predictions were right or not. 
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    It's been a minute, totally down for a new thread.
    Still holding strong, AS is Friday, despite the drama I detailed in Randoms yesterday.

    We're also thinking space/science/STEM for a nursery. I sort of wanted to do a more general STEM (chemistry, robots, etc.) plus space/sky, but the latter is turning out to be much easier to register for/find bedding/rugs/etc. for. There's plenty of wall art and such for the other stuff, but some of the big items less so. I know it's a bit early to register, but we started because our home city doesn't have a baby store since Babies R Us went under and we were in a city with Buy Buy Baby AND PB Kids.

    I want to redo our guest bath, at least partially, to more kid friendly and also a nautical theme or a rubber ducky theme, the latter if I can find the shower curtain I own that's that theme from college. We just finished an upstairs bath, so the only thing that couldn't move up would be the shower curtain, since the upstairs is a glass shower, so redoing the decor wouldn't actually mean throwing out/wasting much at all...

    Other team green moms, do y'all have names picked for both?!?!
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  • I think we are set on Alexandra Hope or Connor Reid 
  • I am still team green (18W5D now) and I have my anatomy scan next week Wednesday... I can't lie I have debated finding out. We didn't with our first (DS) and LOVED the surprise but like @xtinecatherine I am a planner and would be nice to know if I am keeping all my boy items or able to collect some girl things! I almost wonder if I will save money though by not buying stuff for the next 5 months. With our first we did nursery very simple and neutral and will reuse all of the baby gear. Newborn clothes and 0-3 months all neutral as well. Plus it'll be summer, baby will be living in a onesie and sleepers!

    @greeneyedgirl12 We have names for girl ... but no names for boy... another reason would be nice to know if I need to stress over thinking up a boy name haha.

    Either way, we are still team green!

  • Still holding strong over here! I'm 18+2. My AS was on Tuesday and even in the middle of the scan I debated changing my mind. We found out with both of our other two (both boys) and even though I have always wanted to be team green at least once, the curiosity was KILLING me. On top of that I was having conflicting feelings about how I would feel if it was a boy or a girl (I had been hoping for a girl). I was so conflicted on what to do leading up to the scan and during it. I spent time yesterday looking up photos of families with three boys and that reallyyyy helped me. I know I'll be content no matter what! Plus who can be upset with a baby being put on your chest? I also looked up "reasons to be team green" and feel like I'll stay strong! I will have a few more ultrasounds this pregnancy due to being high risk but I'm pretty confident I'll stay strong til the end! 
    Name wise, we don't have names for either yet. I'm hoping to have maybe two names for a boy and two for a girl and we will decide when he/she is born!
    Have any of you started thinking about coming home outfits yet?! Will you buy an outfit for each sex or just one that's gender neutral? 
  • I was team green with my daughter and I had an outfit for each. You can return the unused outfit or gift it to someone. 
  • And actually come to think of it I kept the “boy” outfit and she wore it. 
  • We're team green! I have moments where I waver, but I know I can be strong at the AS tomorrow. Part of the deal to get a 3rd baby (I wanted one, DH didn't) was that I told him this could be 'his' baby. :D This included the option for him to find out the sex even if I didn't. We planned on that for a while and discussed ways for him not to SLIP UP and tell me, but he has since decided he will just wait also. 

    It's funny because I don't stress about the 'not knowing,' but when I have friends who are pregnant, I am on pins and needles waiting for them to find out. I can be patient for my own but not others' babies! :) 

    @ccmama3 - Are you familiar with Kickee Pants? I'm lowkey obsessed (member of several b/s/t groups AND we're headed to the sample sale in Nashville next month haha). They have the SWEETEST and softest little footies for babies! I bought (used) several options for going home outfits and took them all to the hospital. Some were greens and grays which could work for either, and I did have 1 pink which I ended up needing! ;) 
  • I'm holding strong! I seriously almost faltered in our US last week, but it's a sign I'm not supposed to know - baby was super uncooperative and the tech told us that even if we'd wanted to know she couldn't tell. I think that makes us in the clear? 
    We're planning on going to the hospital with 2-3 names for either sex. 
    DD didn't really end up in her room at all until about a year, plus we don't currently have a HOUSE, so I'm not going to stress the nursery much at this point at all. 
    I AM taking out my house stress on shopping for a few perfect neutral take home outfits. I'm currently thinking seafoam green - I got a really cute Aden&Anais blanket in that color, I think it's super neutral. 
    That said, how warm are we supposed to be dressing July babies?! DD was December so it was a long sleeve footed sleeper, but will that style be too hot? Any ideas? 
  • @erynpdx I’m not team green (I briefly tried but dh wasn’t about it at all) so I hope it’s ok that I comment. As far as what baby should wear home, I’m not 100% sure so I’m planning to take a lightweight long sleeve sleeper, short sleeve romper, and lightweight shirt and pant set. I figure one of those should work and we’ll figure it out then. 
  • @nerdtoyourmother I am familiar with kickee pants.. we only own one footie though. They are soo soft and probably would be the perfect material for a summer baby! Good thought. I think a local boutique carries them and I was wanting to go look around to see what all that store has! I also have thought about loved baby. I'm not sure if I want to do a sleeper or not. I also have a short sleeve onesie we used for our pregnancy announcement I was thinking about using with a little pair of pants. OR my babe will be born right around 4th of July (I'm having 37 week induction) so I was also thinking about doing a little patriotic outfit that would be gender neutral. Ahhh. Maybe I'll just buy them all :lol:
  • @ccmama3 - I am hoping to have a photographer come to the hospital for a ‘first look’ with my older two instead of a newborn shoot. My DREAM is for my boy to have on a blue Kickee polo, my girl to have a pink Kickee dress, and the newbie to be in a white Kickee footie.  :D
  • @nerdtoyourmother aw that would be so sweet!! I am thinking about a fresh 48 session too... I can't decide though! But I think those pics would be so special to have.
  • @ccmama3 - We've always done a newborn shoot with a photographer that I LOOOVE, and I think I will miss not having the full experience. BUT our neighbor had photos done when her older child met the new baby, and they're sooooo sweet. Just take a gander at this...
  • I want this set, because there’s a bunch of options for coming home... I may do one of each in the end, but for now: https://www.ralphlauren.com/baby-baby-boy/9-piece-gift-set/454810.html?cgid=baby-baby-boy&dwvar454810_colorname=Grey%20Multi&webcat=baby%2Fbaby%20boy
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  • Team green still. Anatomy scan is Monday, and DH is really wanting to know the sex of the baby. I’m so torn! He said he loves the idea of being surprised, but really doesn’t feel connected to the pregnancy or baby at all, and that made me sad. I can definitely relate, because I had a really hard time connecting with my second pregnancy until we found out the sex. 

    We have decided we wont find out at the actual ultrasound, we will have the tech write it down for us. I told DH that I would like to find out just the two of us like it would be if we waited to be surprised. So we will see how Monday goes
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  • @nolemomma14 My AS was today and they did a really good job of telling us to look away when they went "downtown," in their words, and then as the tech was finishing up, before the MFM doc came in, I thought it got ruined because I saw "female" on one of the form things on the screen, but that was referring to me, and how upset I was for the 90 seconds or so I thought it was ruined made me even surer of my choice to not find out. Not sure that you'll have such a moment, one way or the other, but you might...
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  • My AS went great the tech did an amazing job keeping it from us. She was an absolute dream.

    one of the nursing staff though... ruined it for us. I know it wasn’t on purpose but I feel robbed. I’ve calmed down and am handling it pretty well. My ob has removed that nurse from my care team, which was really nice of her. Happy to be carrying another beautiful boy, but sad we didn’t find out the way we planned to.
  • @hellmanpartyof5 Ugh. Sorry. As I said I thought it had been ruined for me and I was really upset, sorry it actually happened to you...
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  • @hellmanpartyof5 what a huge bummer! So sorry that happened!
    @nolemomma14 a good friend of mine was in a similar situation as you. She really wanted to be team green and her hubby really wanted to find out. They got the envelope and he found out just him and she still got to be team green. He didn't tell anyone the whole rest of the pregnancy! I wouldn't trust my hubby not to accidentally spill the beans but if yours would keep it a secret maybe you can consider it! 
    @nerdtoyourmother :bawling: omg I couldn't watch all of that because it made me cry. I cannot wait to have a squishy babe again and am so so hoping not to have a NICU baby this time. Those pics are amazing!
  • @ccmama3. I would trust him to not say anything on purpose, but I feel like he would accidentally slip up, and finding out because of a slip up would feel worst to me, than finding out together. At least I think I would feel sadder finding out by mistake! 

    I want finding out to be a fun experience, even if it isn’t how I originally planned. A good friend of mine is going to meet us at target after our scan and is going to get an outfit and wrap it for us. Then we will take it home and open it just the two of us. Not the surprise at birth I was hoping for, but I think it’ll still be special for both of us! 
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  • @nolemomma14 I still love that idea! That was my back up plan too. If we did end up finding out I wanted a little surprise like that for just the two of us. Excited for you!! Can't wait to hear!!!
  • We had our AS yesterday and we were able to stay strong (although I was in a panic all day thinking maybe I was going to "give in"). So glad we didn't cave and the techs were great about helping us achieve our goal of not finding out and told us it wasn't recorded anywhere in our file :smile:
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  • Still team green after 20w scan yesterday. I double-checked with DH beforehand and he was onboard. Our tech doesn't even check the sexual anatomy if you don't wish to know, so no risk of finding out. 

    On nursery.. we won't really have one. We have one spare room and it serves as a part-time office for DH, guest room and will also be the baby's part-time room. We will not be decorating at all, just getting something for LO to sleep in and maybe a glider that can later be moved into our bedroom. 

    @greeneyedgirl12 We are not even close to narrowing down names. I keep adding to our lists and occasionally I run names by DH to veto. We will probably have a handful of each ready to go by June. 

    @ccmama3 I would like to try to make something but I'll probably do a simple kimono top and wool diaper cover in neutral colors.

    @hellmanpartyof5  Oh my gosh that is terrible, I'm sorry you weren't able to have your surprise. 

  • Stayed strong over here through the A/S yesterday. Although hubs watched the whole time even when they told him to look away. He says he has no idea what he was looking at or looking for so he's still clueless even though he watched the legs etc get measured.

    Lol @ nursery plans... There's no nursery. We'll have officially outgrown our house and need to figure out who's going to share rooms. I'll keep this baby in with us for 6+ months but no idea after that. It's stressing me out. Hubs says we need a 5th BR but I really don't want to move again.

    I'm planning to bring one neutral outfit like a white sleeper. 

    We'll have one of each name. So far we have a boy name and half a girl name. I feel like we used all our good girl names on the 3 we already have.
  • @cbeanz Do you think you could add onto your house at some point? We're in that kind of a crunch where either we have to add on, which is so expensive here, or we need to move within 1-2 years. I'm also sick of moving but I think it's going to be the only option. 
  • Well guys... I am strongly considering jumping ship on team green. I wanted to do it so bad but it has seriously been stressing me out. I am embarrassed to say I am worried about having gender disappointment in the delivery room/postpartum when hormones are already going crazy. We'll see. I already had my A/S but have another scan beginning of April so I'll decide for sure by then...
  • @ccmama3 I totally understand. Do you think it'll feel like that when a fresh little baby gets put onto your chest? I felt like it was easy to be a little disappointed last time when we found out at the 20w, because we had to sit with that and no tangible baby for 5 months. This time, DH still wants a girl, but I am hoping the excitement of meeting LO will come out on top over expectations. 
  • @mamanbebe I hadn't thought about that! I don't know... I just can't imagine trying to add onto a house with 4  kids living in it. So even if the house could get an add-on, we might opt to move instead...?  It's probably just as hard to show a house with 4 kids living in it. We listed our last house with a 2.5yo and 6mo old and it was PURE INSANITY trying to keep it in showing condition.

    @ccmama3 It's ultimately up to you if you want to find out early... but honestly there was such a high for me at delivery I think they could have told me I gave birth to a lizard and I would have still been overjoyed.
  • @Cbeanz I can only imagine, esp when you get those drive-by people who want to come and see your house with like.. 15 min notice. It makes me wish we still had a camper so that we could just list and hit the road, but even that sounds like an insane idea. 
  • @ccmama3 I understand and if you wanna find out early then do what your heart feels is right for your family!! With DS we didn't find out and when he was born it was the greatest high I've experienced. There was no room for any disappointment with my first but this is my second (and planning on it being last) and I keep wavering! If we do jump ship off team green we wont be telling anyone around us. It would be for my own peace of mind. As far as everyone knows we would still be team green. BUT still trying to go for delivery day surprise, nothing beat it for me.
  • @mamanbebe that was a reason I wanted to be team green in the first place because how can you be disappointed with your sweet baby on your chest?! But then I started thinking about it and freaking out, especially knowing how hormones are after having a baby. I think if this weren't most likely our last I'd feel differently. I love my boys so so much and really love being a boy mom and honestly was not disappointed when I found out they were boys at 20w, but I think that's because in the back of my mind I knew we'd have another and maybe I'd have a girl another time. I'm just so torn! I said to my hubby it's not that I'd be sad with a third boy, I'd just be sad about losing the dream of having a little girl. 
    @canuckmomma that is our plan too... if we do end up finding out we'll still be "team green" in the minds of everyone else. That high is something I didn't experience with my other two and I think is what I was hoping to have as a result of being team green. So something to think about. I'm literally changing my mind daily lol!
    @Cbeanz were you team green with all of yours? Did you have hope for a certain gender any of the times and I have the opposite of the hope? (Do you have all girls??? I can't remember!!) I know it's a bit personal, but just curious.
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    @ccmama3 Team green for all 3 of my girls and Team green again! It was an amazing experience and after doing it once, hubs and I wouldn't have it any other way. I wanted a girl and I got one first. I was ecstatic when I found out my daughter had a sister.

    Third time around was different (you can probably relate, right??) - I wanted a boy pretty badly, it was supposedly our last, and I felt it would be a boy.  It was on my birth plan that Dad would announce the sex. So when she was delivered I waited to hear the words from him. My heart was racing.  But he was silent for several seconds. I turned around and looked up at him to see why he wasn't announcing anything! And he was just staring at her, with tears in his eyes, trying to speak and wasn't able to get the words out. It was the most precious moment of all our births and I'll never forget it.  So in the moment there was zero disappointment. After being home a few days it sank in that we were an all-girl family and I was a little... let down? But I got over it pretty quickly and embraced the girl mom role.

    This time I have no preference.  That moment when you meet the newest member of your family, not knowing what they look like or who they are - it's just incredible.
  • @Cbeanz thanks for sharing! That is such a sweet story :heart: and is pretty convincing to stay team green! 
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