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Taking prednisone while pregnant

I started taking prednisone at 13 weeks bec i was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis and was flaring really bad. I am on 60mg and i and weaning off now. All my drs say it is safe while pregnant but I can’t help but worry. Anyone on prednisone thru out their pregnancy and baby be healthy

Re: Taking prednisone while pregnant

  • No experience but the drug safety lookup on my app has a warning beside it saying that animal studies showed adverse affects on the fetus, however there are no human studies. It says that it is prescribed for use during pregnancy as the benefits of using it while pregnant outweigh the potential risks. So it sounds to me like you are totally fine. If your doctors didn't have any issue prescribing it than I would trust their judgment:)
  • I took it at the beginning of my last pregnancy, just at the beginning though.  It is common in IVF if you have had recurring implantation failures - it supposedly lowers the chance of the body attacking the embryo while it is trying to implant (after 3 failed tries, adding prednisone worked for me!). I only took it a couple weeks, though many women stay on it the entire first trimester. My baby turned out fine.
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