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PGAL Check-In w/o 2/20


Re: PGAL Check-In w/o 2/20

  • @theglitteredpterodactyl Ugh, sometimes the medical field drives me nuts. I'm sorry that haven't been very helpful for you. And I totally get the feeling that you don't want to do anything you did last time, in fear of it triggering a loss again. My first loss was right after going for dinner at this one restaurant in town, even though it had nothing to do with what I ate. But I'm still not going to step foot in that restaurant again while I'm pregnant. 
  • @theglitteredpterodactyl hey girl! I'm sorry for all of your losses that have brought you to this board. Please know that we're an awesome group of women who all go through the highs and lows of this and are here to support each other, so don't worry about bringing your fears and anxieties here! That's what this community is for and thus far, these women have been AMZING in supporting each other! If your healthcare is giving you shit, advocate for new doctors or get a new clinic--I have no patience with healthcare making you feel like "shit happens" because there are so many phenomenal professionals out there who will be much more supportive! I also TOTALLY had this meltdown to DH the other day where I was like okay, life can either give me a shitty hand in having multiple MCs or the shitty hand of awful pregnancies, but WHY do I have to either be pissed at my body for miscarrying a baby I wanted so badly or be pissed at my body because it can't handle pregnancy symptoms well at all and I'm sick and miserable and feel like hibernating for the next 9 months. Like... can't I just find relief at some point in this whole ordeal?!?!  So frustrating!!
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  • @theglitteredpterodactyl- my terrible confession is that I still ask at every u/s "is the baby still alive?" fully expecting the answer to be no. I am so sorry for your experience. This is a great group of women, so I say "welcome" but also, I know it's not a club you'd want membership in. That said, I am SO glad to be going through this pregnancy with these ladies. 

    I echo @40momma- have you done any testing to figure out a reason for RPL? Also, (I am sorry if I missed this!) do you have a prenatal appointment? I am also really sick w m/s and know what a soul-crushing experience it can be. Don't ever discount the power of constant nausea to just add to your level of general sadness.

    @kiddiesandkitties omg, your daughter. Just hugs all around. 

    @40momma- Wednesday is the day, right? I have everything crossed for you. 

    I am with you @sunshine2417. Your doctors/medical providers work for you so make sure it works for you! 
    Me: 34 DH:38
    DS: 18 months   <3
    Dx DOR AMH .2
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  • Finally had our appointment today! Its been a very long month waiting, Good Update! Heard the heartbeat at 164 <3 didn't get to see the baby (our ultrasound is Monday at the hospital for the 12 week scan). but after a few (stressful) minutes she found the heartbeat on the doppler. And apparently the last bloodwork they did that they told me all came back great, was on me, to see if I were a carrier for any genetic diseases, NOT on the baby. (The Progenity) Did everyone else already know this and I'm just dense? So I still have to wait for the 12 week blood work next week to ensure all is well with the baby. Idk if they didn't explain that well or if I just didn't pay close enough attention. Or if pregnancy brain is just all too real this time. But - I am breathing a bit easier today knowing that my lil babes <3 is healthy & going strong!!

    TTM - EDD 4/23 - Team Green <3 
  • @MsBeachNJ glad all is well! Honestly, I probably would have thought the same if they mentioned anything regarding genetic testing. They take so much blood, it's hard to keep all of the tests straight! 
    Me: 32 │ DH: 35 
    Married 8/16/13
    BFP#1 DS 11/13/16
    BFP# 2 MMC dx @ 13w 10/30/18
    BFP# 3 Preemie DD born at 38w (IUGR) on 8/28/19 weighing 5.5lbs. Our little miracle  <3

  • @rms924 yes tomorrow morning I go in for another u/s to find a good strong heartbeat and a baby measuring right on track 🙏🤞♥️

    @MsBeachNJ great news! Must be such a huge sigh of relief 
  • @40momma praying for you!!! Keep us updated!!!
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  • @40momma, I have been thinking about you and am also praying that you have a good appointment tomorrow and can put a lot of the anxiety behind you.  

    @MsBeachNJ, so glad you got to hear a strong heartbeat today and that you're breathing a little easier!  I hate those scary (and seemingly inevitable) moments of searching for the heartbeat with a doppler.  

    @rms924, I also start all ultrasounds out with that loaded question.

    Sorry I have been MIA and am so late to this check-in.  I've been trying to put pregnancy out of my mind as much as possible.  Thanks for all the well wishes last week for my NIPT results.  Had blood drawn yesterday and am now somewhat patiently waiting... 

    How far along are you/EDD? 10w2d

    Current mood?  I'm doing okay.  I'm feeling strong right now - like I can handle whatever is going to come with this baby.  (Sometimes I wonder if God's preparing me for something tough by giving me a feeling of strength/resilience, but hopefully not and no way to know today...)

    If you haven't already/want to again, please share your loss history, if comfortable.  We lost our first baby (*TW* have one living baby *End TW*) at around 22w gestation.  

    Any upcoming appointments, milestones, loss anniversaries, EDDs?  Waiting on NIPT results (I'm guessing I won't hear until at least Monday), and I have an appointment Friday (where I'll get a peek at the baby through one of those portable ultrasounds - hopefully s/he's doing well in there!).

    Rants/Raves/Dear Diary?  Rave - I finally have a bit of energy back!  This has been a pretty brutal first trimester for me, energy-wise.  Also, my anxiety is surprisingly low right now for pregnant-me.  I'm enjoying that for as long as it lasts.

    GTKY: I'm taking these in a new direction and it's abouts to get weird. Buckle up.  Would you rather have finger sized nipples or nipple sized fingers?  Like pretty much everyone else, it seems, I'd go with finger sized nipples and cover them up! 

  • I just realized I updated in last week's PGAL by mistake. Regardless, this sucks. 
  • How far along are you/EDD? 10w3d

    Current mood? Happy but sick of being sick

    If you haven't already/want to again, please share your loss history, if comfortable.

    M/c at 5w 12/20

    Any upcoming appointments, milestones, loss anniversaries, EDDs?


    Rants/Raves/Dear Diary?


  • We decided to tell my family last night and are telling DH's family this weekend. Something that should relieve anxiety and help us feel more content and reassured has given me sooooo much more anxiety about the "what if's". I think I'm going to tell work either tomorrow or Monday.

    We had an 11 week appt yesterday (but won't go back again now until 16 weeks to get on track) and did an ultrasound. Baby was wiggling and squirming all around. I wanted to just sit there and watch all day, but sadly the ultrasound tech was all business and to the point. I need the anxiety and nausea to end!
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