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So I literally had sex 5 days ago. there is no possible way it could be from earlier than that but I had a bfp today? I'm testing again in the morning to see if its legit. here is my question though. I had the tests delivered from amazon (Home sick with the flu) When they arrived the packaging felt cold because of course it is february in texas. Could that factor in to a false positive? Or could it be legit?

I did ovulate around the 14th give or take a day 

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  • in other words what happens when a pregnancy test gets too cold? Could it cause a false bfp?
  • I have to laugh at your "February in Texas" statement! Lol, try coming to Michigan!

    Unless the temp in Texas is below 36 and not hotter than the 80's when delivered, moisture may hamper a test.  Get a new package when you as re feeling better and retest. 
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  • @harpseal135 Not in a million years will I spend a winter in Michigan!!! LOL I'll wait 5 minutes and the weather will change in Texas again and i'll be fine LOL
  • I actually wasn't expecting the tests to come in today haha i thought they were going to be coming later on in the week. But of course, me being me, I couldn't wait until then to take one. If i'm pregnant this would be my rainbow baby. Though I actually wasn't trying. Just didn't really prevent either haha. 
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    @alwaysellie ... are you sure you didn't pee on an ovulation test instead of an HCG test?

    ETA: grammar matters

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  • You're not turning a test five days after sex.  
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