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Just for fun! Bitmoji/ emojis

septoctkidsseptoctkids member
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I was trying to think of another fun thread for our board this week. Thought this might be fun to try— Since we don’t really know each other and sharing real pics isn’t ideal on the internet, let’s share our Bitmojis! If you don’t have a Bitmoji share your favorite emoji.

I opened up a text message and then clicked the Bitmoji of my choice and then clicked and held down, and then clicked save image. To upload it to the thread click the little mountain/ sun icon above the comments box. 

Ill start! (Note the “mom bun”... i’m sure a lot of S+TMs can relate to that. Haha Don’t chop that hair yet FTMs!)

Re: Just for fun! Bitmoji/ emojis

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