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Carly ? 💗 opinions and middle names that would sound good with it 

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  • It is a fine name. I don't love it but I don't really dislike it either (no help here) I personally think that it is a little heavy for a girl, and that it doesn't age well. I would use Charlotte and nn Carly
  • I like it. Besides the kids show iCarly it isn't a name you hear very often. I think a short one syllable mn would sounds best, especially if you have a long(er) last name but if you have a short last name then a longer mn would sounds better. 

    Carly Anne
    Carly Jane 
    Carly Dawn 
    Carly Rae
    Carly Paige

    Carly Elizabeth 
    Carly Isabelle/a
    Carly Joanna (Jo)

  • Carly is not my style but nothing wrong with it. Just doesn’t sound pretty to me. I agree a one or three syllable middle name would go best depending on your last name. Adding suggestions 



  • It’s NMS, but a fine name.

    Carly Jean
    Carly Maeve
    Carly Wren
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  • NMS as I am a fan of more "proper" names that will grow well with age. I think Carly just sounds "young" to me. It's not a bad name....

    I would suggest going with a MN that is more "proper" like PP Carly Elizabeth
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  • lincat4wlincat4w
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    I’ve always liked Carly! Such a sweet name.

    Carly Marie
    Carly Nicole
    Carly Savannah
    Carly Elaine
    Carly Olivia
  • 4N6s4N6s
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    It sounds juvenile to me. 
    Carly Jolene 
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