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I have a bad case of morning sickness that last all day and night, has anyone tried the Orgain Pregge pops to help relive it and are they save for the first trimester?

Re: Nausea

  • Hi, I am also suffering from severe nausea 24/7. Preggie pops are safe and tastes good but I have found that it's just temporary relief. I started a prenatal probiotic from Pink Stork and it has really helped alleviate the nausea. I can actually enjoy food again. I also take half a unisom and half a vitamin b6 before bed every night. It took a few days to kick in but I am finally getting some relief. I hope this helps. Feel better soon. I totally feel your pain. 

      FTM due 11/06/2015
    Married 09/21/2013
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