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Product Spotlight - Diapers (cloth/disposables/hybrids)


Re: Product Spotlight - Diapers (cloth/disposables/hybrids)

  • For those who use the Planetwise bags (or similar) did you get the wet bag or the wet/dry bag?
  • CbeanzCbeanz member
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    @finnflan I had a few of each. The wet/dry have two zippered pockets so you can put clean diapers in the dry part when you're on the go. The wet bags have only one pocket and worked just great too. ETA I think the wet only bags are cheaper. 
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  • @cindler yes we dispose of it in the toilet right away after solids were introduced.  We also had a diaper sprayer on a toilet if it was bad.  We did not use a diaper genie just a "wet bag" but as a dry bag (I know some people put cloth diapers in a bucket of water and we did not) and honestly with the bag zipped hanging on the door knob to the basement that was in our kitchen we NEVER had a single poop smell in the room.  Planet wise bags are the way to go.
  • @afterthestorms I've been told my purchase comes with a diaper sprayer.  That attached to the toilet?  I totally assumed it'd be a sink attachment.  That will really help DH deal!

    After the unanimous support, I'll definitely be getting some plantwise bags!  Now to figure out how to add them to my Amazon registry...
  • Bumping this thread again bc I just went to get my cloth stash out of the basement only to find that I've given them all away  :'(

    Looking now into doing prefolds with thirsties covers as that will likely be most economical. Can someone give me pros and cons? Or maybe the best covers brand to  use with prefolds for relatively smallish infants? I don't anticipate cloth through toddlerhood this time around but first 9 months for sure.
  • @cbeanz I struggled with snap covers fitting my skinny DS. They always leaked. I wonder if hook & loop covers might offer a snugger fit. Do you have any kids second hand consignment shops near you? I was able to find some amazing deals on covers, aios and hybrids. Also Poshmark was a good spot to buy from too. 
  • key33key33 member
    All disposable here.

    I tried a variety of brands with our first. Eventually, we stuck with Target up&up. I don't mind pampers at first, but they leaked as she got older. Huggies we're never a good fit, they smelled horrible and caused a horrible rash.

     With our second, we used up&up from the start and never had issues. We also like the up&up sensitive wipes, they are so soft. 
  • @key33 I second Target Up & Up brand diapers. Cost friendly and work wonderfully for boy anatomy, I haven’t tried them for girls yet obviously. We also only use Target brand wipes. Currently using the Sensitive but we switch it up and DS does well with all of them. We plan to bring the sensitive to the hospital this time around. 
    We however switched to Parent’s Choice (Walmart) Pull Ups. They tend to fit slightly better than Up&Up and have Paw Patrol characters. Not that the print is important to me, but of course it is with DS 😂

    <3 Boden Gray 8-13-16
    <3 BB Girl Expected 7-10-19 

  • @finnflan I have three of their wet bags from PlanetWise. I got one as a gift, LOVED IT, was so great for packing my pumping gear in if it was still wet from washing. Bought a small one specifically for my pumping stuff, and another large one for day care. Very functional also for doing these like water parks, pool trips, etc. later in the future. 

    All disposable here as well. I love the idea of cloth, but I also know that I can't really handle the extra load of washing, etc. involved with our lifestyle atm. We did Target up&up for daytime diapers and Pampers BabyDry for night time with M. I'm hoping to go more eco-friendly this time though. I heard good things about Earth's Best being high on the eco-friendly scale so we may try those and see how that goes.

    We use Seventh Gen for wipes. I tried some of the other "water" type wipes, and they worked terribly. Do NOT recommend using Pampers Aqua Pure - they ripped left and right, you couldn't wipe without it ripping. 
  • For those unsure about using wipes, in France they do something I’d never seen before where they use water that comes in bottles (you can find the Mustala brand in Target) and put it on either washable cotton squares that you make or buy or on thick disposable cotton squares. It doesn’t work a all with make up cotton squares as they aren’t sturdy enough.

    Honestly I was super skeptical when they “taught” me this in the hospital but I ended up loving how natural it was! We still used normal wipes in the diaper bag for when out of the house.
  • @frenchbaby18 We did this! I buy terry cloth wipes and we keep a diluted baby-friendly soap/water solution (like Dr Bronner's baby) at the changing table. It was so gentle and effective -- for normal wipes I really liked the Naty biodegradable wipes. 
  • My DS has so many allergies and is sensitive to everything! We tried every brand of disposable diaper you can name and all of them gave him one sort of reaction or another. Cloth diapering was not an option at that point and my last resort was the parent choice brand diapers from Wal-Mart.. wouldn't you know they are the only one that never caused any kind of reaction, he never had a blow out in them or leaked through. We thought about cloth this time around but with twins I can already imagine how the laundry will like up and honestly for convenience sake we are going to stick with disposable diapers. I've stocked up on parents choice for this go around too. 
  • We used cloth starting around 3 weeks with our first. We had a few high-stress periods where we used disposable only, and we've used disposables overnight the whole time (after overnight poops stopped, anyway). I was sure I would love wool, but it just didn't work for us with our first. I might try it with this one (I still have some stored), but I don't have my hopes up. I intermittently used cloth wipes. I like them, but I don't like washing and folding them, and my first was always SO WIGGLY during changes (from about 3.5 mo on) that I had a hard time spraying them before using them, or having the right amount pre-moistened. I'll try again this time, though -- different baby might make it easier, and I may be able to come up with a different system that works. I really like them in theory. I used all sorts of different types but had a hard time cleaning anything besides flats in our high efficiency washer... I think we are replacing our washer (it's on its last leg anyway), so we should have more options this time. 
    I'd planned to replace the velcro on a bunch of BG pockets with snaps between first kid and this one, but never got around to it... anyway, in the next few weeks I'm going to pull out everything I have saved and get rid of the project ones and other extras, and check (for cracking, elastic stretchiness), wash and organize the ones we're keeping.
  • finnflan said:
    For those who use the Planetwise bags (or similar) did you get the wet bag or the wet/dry bag?

    We use pail liners at home, and if we're going to be away overnight use a large hanging wet/dry bag. Otherwise we had both wet and wet/dry bags. I usually used the wet one when we had the whole diaper bag with us, but used the wet/dry bag to carry wipes, clean diapers and soiled diapers all in one if we weren't taking the whole diaper bag with us.
  • @Cbeanz - I did prefolds and thirsties covers and really liked it. I only bought some AIOs for DH to have some easier ones (he never got the hang of the prefolds. I watched some YouTube videos and never had an issue.
  • cindlercindler member
    Any cloth mommas have REALLY hard water?  How did you deal?  How often did you "strip" your diapers?
  • @cindler I haven't dealt with this but do you use a water softener detergent booster or oxiclean? I think a gentler alternative might be adding vinegar to your loads. I tend to use white vinegar as a bleach alternative since it can do a decent job a releasing stains and odors. 
  • cindlercindler member
    @mamanbebe I currently use nothing.  We were saving to install a water softener, but then the master shower leaked, so all the money is going to new tile.

    I'll welcome any and all suggestions to help.  Our water is HARD!
  • @cindler we have really hard water too. We are cloth diaper dropouts, but I used Calgon (you can buy it at Walmart) with each load of diapers. I never stripped mine. I used Grovia exclusively and they don't recommend stripping as it can cause its own issues. I did buy Grovia Mighty Bubbles and used it a few times. I know the cloth diaper store local to me was always out of the Mighty Bubbles because even non-Grovia users liked to use it. I never had any issues with build up or strong smells during the time I used cloth!
  • CbeanzCbeanz member
    For those of you who made your own reusable wipes, what did you use?  I was thinking of cutting up some flats/prefolds or buying a bunch of baby washcloths.  But I just was reading that you can cut up old cotton t-shirts.  Any suggestions?
  • cindlercindler member
    @Cbeanz what about those t-shirt sheets, cut up?
  • hakelehakele member
    Anyone out there tried Dyper? The bamboo diapers. 
  • @hakele I was looking at them, they seem ok but the problem I noticed is how many diapers they deliver is not enough. They only deliver 200/mo of the size small diapers, which equates to about 6.5/day. Most newborns go through 8-10 diapers per day, so you then have to order more, which negates their $64/mo subscription price. You also can't make one-off purchases, only subscriptions. 

    Personally, for eco-friendly I loved Naty and they also offer a more reasonable subscription model + the ability to purchase one-off packs of diapers and other products (and some stores carry them). I also preferred their wipes over any other. 
  • Cbeanz, my favorite cloth wipes were hand me downs, made from thicker flannel (maybe made from a sheet, but not a worn out sheet), sewn on 3 sides, about 4x6". Washcloths work well, but I liked the structure of the thicker ones better to keep messes contained and cleanup using fewer wipes. They also don't curl up like thinner ones. We used a variety, but if they were all like the thick flannel ones I would have stuck with them longer.
  • No, they were a diy creation. This look good, though -- thick and larger.
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