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Re: Randoms w/o 2/18

  • UGH! Having a crappy cranky angry weepy mad pregnant woman day. I don't want to do shit anymore today, and I have more than an hour to go before my day is over. 
  • I can feel my pubic bone moving in and out of place and I’m terrified it’ll completely dislocate like it did in my last pregnancy. I was miserable and I do not want to deal with this again. 
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  • I am so so so tired... I love these kids so much but they are freaking exhausting!!! 
  • Congrats on your new addition @cindler! Your H is the sweetest! Love the cooler idea! 
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  • Kids are sick. Husbands sick. Now I am getting sick, again. Ugh, it's going to be a long mid-winter break for us this week.
  • @bartonolivia In the same boat - last pregnancy was miserable. Have you asked for a referral to a physical therapist yet? I did that last time and it helped immensely! 
  • @mamanbebe I thought it was common knowledge firsts are often late? I'm a FTM and knew well before I was KU the due date is more of a ballpark, ESPECIALLY for firsts.

    Maybe I picked it up from friends or DH (M.D.) and it's not as common as I thought...
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  • @nopegoat omg your son and his goose are the cutest thing ever!!! 

  • @nopegoat that is the most adorable thing I’ve seen! 

  • strickland8052 that's ridiculous. I wouldn't even respond to that email because i'd be fired if i were you.

    One of my clients hired a new employee and i've been helping them onboard him.  he's driving me crazy with tons of little questions/needs. They are all reasonable, but still annoys me because this is out of my normal job so I just don't want to do it. (i'm aware this is super childish and i sound super whiny) 
  • I also thought it was pretty common knowledge that due dates are all over the board... You just never know. From most people I know, babies have come a little later, however, on the other hand, my first I went into labor at 36+6... sooooo it's really hard to say exactly what is going to happen! 
  • @nopegoat I'm sorry to hear about your husband. That sounds awful :/ But those pics of your son are just precious--especially that first one where he's so little and dirty with a huge smile on his face :smiley: 
  • @strickland8052 I work at a university too. In an academic department directly with faculty. That is how most of ours are ALL THE TIME. The world revolves around them donchya know!!  :|:|
  • Anyone else find themselves preferring long hot showers to the lukewarm baths we're allowed?
    I know super-hot showers aren't ideal either, but it's much harder for a shower to raise our core body temp since there's no immersion. I've been tempted to take a bath the past few days, but the one I took where I kept the water ~99 degrees was just grossly underwhelming.
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  • @greeneyedgirl12 I have no idea, there must be some continued buzz around the possibility of delivering early or maybe some providers just don't say anything about going over anymore because inductions tend to be scheduled at 41 and it's lost $$ if you wait it out? 

    Also, yes on showers. I have no desire to try to get in and out of a lightly warmed tub that will be too cold within minutes. 
  • @greeneyedgirl12 I got a little floaty thermometer for my tub. (It is a purple hippo! And I couldn't find the word thermometer and originally wrote temperature thingy! Haha, thanks P-brain!) And I am letting it get to 102* and taking that. It drops quickly enough and my body temperature doesn't appear to be going up. (I temped myself the first time I did it that way.) It is only above 100 for about 10-15 minutes. So that has been working out. 
    But yeah, I also took a super hot shower for like 40 minutes this morning. Oops! 
  • @mamanbebe Not sure. I know someone who is due next Thursday and she's acting like that's when she's coming, so you may be right. You'd think they'd mention it before they hit 40...

    @hakele Still not worth it to me. I'd rather have the shower. I may try again and let it get a little warmer, but the shower is still more soothing, and I face mostly outward so the water misses my stomach/uterus plus, again, it doesn't raise the temp like a bath.
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  • @mamanbebe. I don’t know anyone who’s made it to term around me. I wonder if altitude has something to do with it. 
    Now ive gotta ask around! 
  • @mamanbebe my first actually ended up coming a week early! I assumed that he’d come late since everyone kept telling me the first child is late. I was definitely in the hospital finishing up work emails. 

    Second time around, I stopped working a week early assuming my second son would come even earlier. He decided to come 2 days LATE. So yeah completely unpredictable.

    Random but the 5 other friends of mine who had their 1st within 6 months of me, ALL came early. So  ya never know!
  • @NicholeL16 - That’s crazy and SHOCKING! :o Had you had an ultrasound already and one was hiding? What number(s) babies will these be for you? 
  • @NicholeL16 holy moly! How many previous scans have you had?? 
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  • key33key33 member
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    OBs need to prep FTM for all scenarios. Being late or early, pregnancy is not a one size fits all thing. I had doctors and a birth class that stressed going to term (or longer), extremely long labors and that your water only breaks out of nowhere in movies.

    Well with my first my water broke At 38w 4d and by the time I got to the hospital I was in full blown labor because everything happened so quickly after my water broke.  My daughter was born within 3 hours of getting there. I had no pain before my water breaking and just assumed the contractions I was having on and off were braxton hicks. They were irregular and not painful. My second was born at 38w 1d and was also short.

    I found out this year my daughters recital will be when I am 38w 1d. I'm hoping I make it and dont go into labor during the recital if I do. 
  • My first was born at 38.5wks. I went into PTL with him at 31wks. Hospital for a week, went home at 3cm dilated and meds for PTL until 35wks. I'm sure he waited to come for another 3wks just because everyone expected him to come as soon as I was off bedrest and meds lol. This is why Turd has always been such an appropriate nickname for my babies. 😂😂

    #2 and 3 were also born at 38.5wks.

    #4 was my latest at 39wk1d.
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  • I totally forgot schools are closed on President's Day. We got up, got dressed, ate breakfast and drove to empty school. 
  • @NicholeL16 oh my gosh!!!! What a shock!!!! Congrats, I'm sure you will be an amazing twin mama!
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    Mini-rant, sorry y'all:
    On my side, nausea and puking and normal symptoms aside, my pregnancy has been pretty smooth (although I could've done w/o the daily puking for six weeks).
    Also, I LOVE my OB herself.

    All that said, people at my OB's office need to get their s*** together. My NIPT took like six weeks because the lab had it under my maiden name (married 5 years in July) somehow and didn't bother to call my OB's office for this test result they were just sitting on, nor did anyone at my OB's office call over.

    I had an appt. last week I was under the impression was a prelim AS, to be followed by the one at MFM, and/or they were on top of scheduling the one at MFM which is why it had been brought up the appointment prior. Nope. Normal appointment, just doppler, and they needed to call over to MFM to get me scheduled. Appt. was Wednesday, they said call back Friday if I didn't hear from MFM or them, but they're only open half a day on Friday and since I was out of town, it slipped my mind until it was too late.

    Monday's a holiday, so I call yesterday and leave a message for my OB's MA, and she calls me back saying she called MFM, but they're really backed up, and even though she told them I'm overdue, they were going to "try to schedule me in," and if I didn't hear from them by end of business yesterday to call her back.
    No word from MFM, another message into my OB('s MA). 

    I know a lot of it has to do with ancillary people also not doing their jobs (the lab, MFM, etc.) but the MFM and my OB work together literally all the time and I'm somehow the one whose appointments get messed up.

    If it had just been the NIPT OR the MFM AS (also of course, the pregnancy hormones), I don't think I'd be this upset, but I'm about to flip a s*** on some people.

    May have overstated the "mini" part. Sorry all.

    ETA: AS will be at 23 weeks because it's the first one they could get me in for where DH could make it (it would've still been at 23 weeks for the actual first available they had, DH's schedule just means it's 3 days later. Worth it to have him there, between the emotional support and fact he's an MD).
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  • @greeneyedgirl12 I'd be irritated too. Sorry girl. 
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  • Holy cow @NicholeL16. that’s so exciting but I can’t imagine the emotions of finding out at 20 weeks! Congrats! 

  • Guys. 😭😭😭

    I just accidentally vacuumed up wet puke with our basically new vacuum. Now I'm totally considering just throwing it away.

    I don't even know where to begin to clean it. Maybe vaccum up a bunch of baking soda and just pray for the best????! 
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  • @nopegoat my husband did this with our vacuum once and didn’t tell me. Next time I tried to vacuum IT SMELLED SO BAD!!! We had to throw it out. I just about killed him. 😂
  • @NicholeL16 I can't even begin to imagine all the mixed emotions right now. Huge hugs girl! ❤️

    And I'm hoping that works! Ugh.

    My littlest has a runny nose and slight cough and I guess when I was in the back or whatever had a coughing fit and coughed up his entire breakfast under the table?? Never said anything to me about it. Doing my normal vacuuming I though it was paper and pencil shavings from big brothers project and didn't realize it was puke until I nearly got halfway done vaccuming it up. 😖😖
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    Update: My AS is now Friday, because my OB called MFM and said 3/14 was unacceptable, but now my husband can't come. I'm still equally upset. I know him missing isn't the hugest deal, but he's an M.D., in addition to my mental and emotional support, and I really really wanted him there. If anything's abnormal, I don't even know what I'll do.

    Update to the update (sorry all): DH got work coverage. No small thing on three days' notice... Thank goodness. Much calmer now.
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