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Evaps or bfp on frer?

It's been a while since I was on this page (the bump) and my youngest is currently 2.5. I have taken about 3 frer with the lightest squinters appearing within the time limit. They are just so faint I don't know whether they are actually evaps and have heard the newer tests get a lot of them. DH can't even see it and thinks I am crazy, which I probably am, but I see something there. 
Just wondering your experiences with frer lately? I did take a couple tests a few before too and those didn't even have a hint of a line, just the most recent 3 did. 

Re: Evaps or bfp on frer?

  • I have absolutely had Evaps on frer in my time ttc!
  • I didn't try a frer this time.   Have the cheap accumed 10miu ones though.  Got super slight line for a few days, thought I was just crazy.  Took a test yesterday and today and they are much more visible. 
    Wait a few days or if you have extra tests,  take one every morning.   I actually ran and grabbed ones from the dollar tree (Walmart was out of the 88 cent ones)
    Good luck!! 

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