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Hyperemesis gravidarum

This is my 3rd pregnancy and every time I have had HG l. with my first it started when I found out around 6 weeks and lasted until I delivered. With my second it started around 7 weeks when I found out and lasted until about 5 months. I found out around 4 weeks this time and luckily I had 2 good weeks before it hit. Now it is full blown 🙄 turned 7 weeks yesterday and was in the hospital with severe dehydration and a uti last Wednesday. It’s been a rough week!! I’m praying it doesn’t last as long as it has before and I’m hoping dr gives me the zofran dose I know works for me when I see her this Tuesday!! Hospital gave me 12 zofran Wednesday and I’m down to 2 😔 not sure how I’ll survive tomorrow!! I don’t know if anyone else is going through this but if so let’s help and support each other!! It’s rough thinking you’re alone with this!!

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  • I've heard it gets progressively worse with each pregnancy. I remember with DS it got bad around 7-8 weeks and lasted well into 2nd trimester. DD started earlier and was even worse, but I got some relief earlier than DS and indigestion was pronounced throughout. 

    I've learned to always have my preggie pops and ginger ale on hand. Smaller meals work better. I tried to have some carbs next to my bed when I woke up because the nausea would hit as as soon as I sat up on an empty stomach. I would contact your OB and fill them in on what's going on. Fx you feel better soon.

  • Took last zofran yesterday and woke up horribly sick this morning. Got sick 9 times from 6-10 🙄 had my appt at 11 was sick whole time!! Thankfully she understood that I’ve done this before and even though she said zofran is not their first choice she gave me plenty with plenty of refills 😍 I feel brand new all over again! Fx this only last a couple months this time. I’m having to teach myself how to handle it all over again. Eat very small meals when I start feeling nauseous and it helps a lot!! 
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    I have the preggie chews but they all taste like ginger and I can’t stand ginger 🤣🤣
  • Hi all  :) I hate to say it but can I join this thread  :( second pregnancy and second time with HG and man is it rough!! I don’t know anyone else who has had to deal with HG and it can be so frustrating when it’s brushed off as “just morning sickness” - anyone else feel that way?! 
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