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C-section Recovery

Hey Ladies! 

I would love to hear about your experience of healing from a C-section. What symptoms have you experienced? What level is your pain? Milestones that you have hit?

My pain changes depending on the day and time of day. I am more sore as the day goes on. If I do too mush my body is quick to tell me.

I am 7 days lost surgery today and I am finally starting to feel a bit more normal. The other day I got a case of the chills and was shaking uncontrollably for about 5-10 min. 

My milestone for the day is being able to get my pants on without help from my husband! It was a great feeling. 

Re: C-section Recovery

  • This is my 3rd c/s and probably the easiest recovery. I'm currently 2 1/2 weeks post surgery and feeling about 90% normal. I'm taking my 800 mg ibuprofen 2x a day. I only needed the percocet twice, once in the hospital and once at home. I wore my belly band religiously and it really helped. This is the first c/s I didn't get the chills. I had them for both of the others. Right now I just have what I would call a bruised feeling above my incision but no real pain. I just have to make sure I'm not over doing it otherwise I'm dead by 7pm! 
  • Love that you started this thread! Thank you! 

    I am 5 days post surgery and I have to keep reminding myself that I had surgery and need to heal. Thank goodness for my husband. 

    I had to go in for a nurses check yesterday as the swelling in my feet and ankles got really bad. I’m taking it more easy, being more mindful about elevating them as much as possible. 

    I only took the percocet in the hospital but am religiously taking the ibprophen every 6-8 hours. My pain is very easy (thank goodness) and really the incision only hurts when I move in a way I shouldn’t or when I stand up quickly. I also am wearing the band religiously. Makes me feel secure. 

    I am getting the chills and and shakes every now and then and it clears up once I cover up with a heavy blanket. 

    How are you all doing with going to the bathroom?
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  • Also, sorry for any misspelled words or grammar - this app is so glitchy! 
  • It took me a few days post discharge for things to get moving again. But it was surprisingly not too bad. I like not having to pee every 30 minutes, LOL!!
    Bleeding is pretty much done as well which I'm kind of surprised by. I thought with my previous surgeries it lasted longer. Not that I'm complaining!
  • I’m 11 days post my 3rd c/s and this one had been the easiest. I’m sporadically taking Motrin and declined the Percocet Rx. I have to remind myself to take it easy and can tell the days when I’ve over done it. Bleeding has picked up but I remember the same happened with my 2nd daughter. Going in for my 2 week check in Tuesday. Have to say I cannot wait to get the clearance to workout again- until then I’m allowing myself a little more leeway with what I’m eating 😉... someone needs to eat the cookies, right?!
  • @kenishi I am on a laxitive so bowel movements haven't been an issue but I do get discomfort at my incision when I pee! I keep a blanket by the sink for counter pressure. Does anyone else have the same feeling? 

    On another note the swelling in my feet finally went down days pose surgery! I had forgotten how small they could be. When I realized called my husband over quite enthusiastically. He rushed over thinking something was wrong with the baby. I was so excited I just couldn't contain myself. 
  • @sstockfo I get a similar feeling if I wait too long to pee. It's gotten better every day though. 
  • I got in and out of the shower by myself today at 9 days post partum! 
  • I’m not planning on having a C/S, but who knows how everything will come out. I’ve been told they cut you at the bikini line. Most of my underwear and comfy pants hit there. So to be prepared, what are y’all wearing?
  • @sstockfo yay!! I bet that felt amazing!! 

    @oftcfo honestly, I’m wearing those always adult diaper things, the belly band & high waisted leggings. 
  • I wore those mesh underwear they give you at the hospital for a few days then switched to high waisted briefs. Stayed in my maternity leggings for a while then switched to high waisted leggings. Finally gave up the belly band around 2 weeks post partum. 
  • Is anyone else getting chills? I’ve gotten them a few times today and it was awful!
  • I'm not getting them like I remember getting them with my l previous 2 surgeries. This time I just seem to have more trouble staying warm. But I do recall getting them before. It definitely isn't fun. 
  • @oftcfo I am still wearing maternity leggings and high waisted maternity underwear with regular pads. 
  • Turns out I got an infection in my breast which was making me get the fever and chills!! Been on antibiotics for over 24 hours now and feeling much better!! 
  • @kenishi That's good you finally figured out what was wrong. Glad you're feeling better. 
    I had 2 spots on my incision open up this evening. Pretty sure they were just areas that had scabbed over and those came off but going to call my doctor tomorrow just in case. Incision still looks good. No indication of infection. Just a very small amount of bleeding at those spots. Put neosporin on the incision and covered it with gauze for now. 
  • Ladies, thoughts on belly bands? I have one they gave me at the hospital, but I’m not crazy about it. Does anybody out there use one and actually like it? If so, was it the one provided by the hospital or did you buy s better one? 
  • @nataliezbrungart I wore mine for about the first 2 weeks. Made me feel so much more secure when I was moving around. I'm not sure what your hospital gave you but I would highly recommend one. 
  • @bellebaby221 ouch!!! Did they say everything was okay?? 

    @nataliezbrungart I wore mine pretty much 24 hrs per day for the first week, it does make everything feel more secure. I’ve stopped wearing it all the time now. I just used the one the hospital put me in  
  • I can't see a doctor until tomorrow but my nurse didn't seem overly concerned. She said it shouldn't be opening 3 weeks PP but without evidence of infection or that it's getting worse, I'm just supposed to take it easy until tomorrow. I'm getting some butterfly bandages to put on until my appointment. 
  • @bellebaby221 @kenishi thanks! I’m wearing the one the hospital gave me. I think that maybe the first time I tried it, it was too soon after the c-section. All I know is it does feel better now. 
  • Has anyone else overdone it recently? With starting to feel more normal I have to remind myself that I'm not finished healing yet and to take it easy! 
  • Me!! That's how I tore 2 of my sutures and had to have my doctor put steri strips on the incision so it can finish healing. Thankfully there was no bleeding or anything. But it definitely told me I was doing too much. 
  • Does anyone else feel kind of bruised above the incision? I can't feel anything at the incision itself but my abdomen around the bellybutton area is tender and feels kind of like it's bruised. I assume it's from my parts moving back into place. And my doctor says that for whatever reason her patients that have tubals at the same time take longer to recover. It's not painful really, just sore. 
  • @bellebaby221 above my incision is sore too. Nothing painful, but it’s kinda annoying. Every once in a while I move too fast and my actual incision does hurt. Doc said it’s all normal. 
  • @bellebaby221 same here!! The area right above is the sorest! 
  • Has anyone had the VBAC conversation with their OB yet?
  • Not specifically, my after my c-section my doc told me I would be able to have another vbac. 
  • How is everyone feeling? How long has it been since your deliveries? 
  • 5 weeks and feeling pretty good. Have just some minor spotting every so often. I have my 6 week follow up on Monday so I'm anxious to see if I get my restrictions lifted. 
  • 3 weeks out and feeling better, which is dangerous because then I think I can do all the things!! Taking it easy today! 
  • @kenishi Definitely don't do all the things!! I started feeling better at 3 weeks and that's when I ended up tearing sutures open!
  • @bellebaby221 I feel like it’s almost harder now!! I noticed today the area around my incision is numb... have you experienced that? Or anyone else? 
  • @kenishi Yes the incision itself is totally numb. 
  • @bellebaby221 is the spotting along the incision line? I'm 4 weeks out and still getting tiny bits of spotting on my incision line. 
  • No my spotting has just been old blood from the uterus being cleared out. I had some spotting from my incision when I had my previous c section though. As long as the incision looks good, not red or hot to the touch and your sutures are holding together, you're probably ok. Just watch for signs of infection. I kept a gauze pad over the part that was draining the last time. 
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