Pumping and diluting breastmilk after drinking alcohol

Any moms out there pump and dilute your breastmilk after having a few too many drinks?

Re: Pumping and diluting breastmilk after drinking alcohol

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    Alcohol stays in your breast milk as long as it does your blood. If you feel the effects of the alcohol don’t nurse or pump and dump instead if you feel uncomfortable. Dilution isn’t recommended. Wait until you don’t feel drunk anymore to nurse or pump if you plan to use the milk.
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  • I was told if you're okay drive you're okay to breastfeed or pump and save. I know some people who have mixed milk with some alcohol with clean milk and had no problems. Do what you're comfortable with giving your little one.
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  • Absolutely don’t dilute your milk with water. This can be dangerous to your baby, especially prior to 6 months. Either dump if you are super intoxicated, or feed if you aren’t drunk and are sober enough to drive. Or, as pp suggested, mix with other pumped milk. Personally, drinking heavily isn’t on my radar because I hate to pump and dump. Just try to stick to 1-2 drinks max, not “a few too many”, and you shouldn’t have any problems. 
  • Alcohol consumption during breastfeeding is strictly prohibited! Before pregnancy, I often had fun with friends and liked to drink at the bar.
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