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Symptoms w/o 2/11

It’s been a while! How are you all feeling? 

Also, I was thinking for the next round of symptom threads we should go week by week? i.e symptoms week 24, symptoms week 25, etc. rather than just one week where there is a 5 week GA between everyone. Let me know what you think!

Re: Symptoms w/o 2/11

  • Apart from being nauseas from my liver still I’m feeling pretty fantastic! I’m still having a few bad days here and there but overall my energy levels are skyrocketing and my mood is more controllable. 

    The only thing I’m not feeling great about it the amount of fluid retention in my legs come the end of the day. My feet and ankles are fine, it’s just my legs from knee down. It’s 95-100F here and I wear full length clothes because of work so am always boiling hot. By the time home time rolls around my legs are so swollen and they hurt. When I get home and take my socks off they’re hard with fluid and it takes overnight for the fluid to reabsorb. If I try to elevate my legs they burn! I’ve tried massaging them and the same thing. I’m going to start wearing compression socks and will give my OB a call tomorrow to see how many hours during the day I should be wearing them. 
  • @wiseh i have been thinking about you, i'm so glad you are feeling better! everyone deserves a break in the second trimester!  I hope you can get some relief from the water retention, either with compression socks or some other way. I don't have any advice on that front.

    Symptoms wise, I feel very good too - some heartburn after offending meals but otherwise feeling pretty energetic. I did have a weird red rash on my forearms for a few hours the other day, but it went away; maybe it was some kind of irritation.

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  • I'm 24 weeks, tomorrow, and fatigue is starting to set back in. Powering through the day at work and having 0 energy at home! Other than that, I've been mostly okay. On certain days , my lady parts will hurt like crazy after sitting for awhile and trying to walk.
  • @wiseh sorry to hear you're still not feeling 100%. The fluid retention sounds horrible hopefully your doctor has some good advice.

    I'm 24 weeks and the heartburn just started. My sister says it means our baby girl is growing a lot of hair. I don't know if I believe it, but I had horrible heart burn after eating a burrito for hours yesterday. Today I have been exhausted, almost fell asleep driving home on a short drive. And my RLS kicked in while driving which was new. Otherwise I'm great, hoping the exhaustion will be fixed by a good night's sleep.
  • @wiseh I also hope that your fluid retention is alleviated soon! Did you by any chance see the picture that Jessica Simpson posted of her ankles? It was during that "10 year challenge" craze on Facebook and she posted her hugely swollen ankles next to her usual legs, 10 years ago - lol. You are SO not alone but I know that doesn't make it easier!
    @tkbmama That's interesting about the hair! You'll have to report back on the accuracy of it in June... ;)
    Symptoms wise I'm feeling pretty good aside from back pain that's been rearing up. I did some prenatal yoga off of YouTube tonight after my walk - so I think stretching is my new best friend.
  • Thanks @raemy12345 and @marijaa333. I slept in this morning and didn’t have time to put my socks on (they’re like a second skin that take a lot of effort even for non pregnant women that don’t have a belly in the way! Haha) but will definitely wear them tomorrow, even if I’m extra late to work! Haha.

    oh my gosh I just googled Jessica Simpson’s ankles! I am nowhere near that bad on my feet or but my calves are getting there! It’s so painful I can’t even imagine how she’s feeling!!

    So happy for everyone feeling not too bad! Only a few more weeks until it starts to go downhill again 😩🤰🏼
  • @wiseh - I'm right there with you on the nausea. I am still taking nausea meds b/c every time I try to not take them I pay for it the next day. Hope your ob has some good ideas for the fluid retention. WIth my son, I had that too. I would soak my feet or take a warm bath with epsom salts and that helped some. 

    @tkbmama  heartburn is the worst! I have heard the same thing about hair. My son had a full head when he was born and I didn't get hearburn until about the 2nd trimester. I went through IVF for both of my pregnancies and this time I think I had heartburn starting at day 4 post transfer. This little girl better come out with long flowy locks based on the amount of heartburn I've had this time. lol!
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  • Oh no! I'm at 20 weeks and am finally feeling like a human being again! Is this all going to away in only a month? Well, it was nice while it lasted 😬
  • @wiseh @holyboobsbatman I was basically totally fine until 35 weeks or so with #1. At that point I was getting winded going up the hill/stairs, etc, and I needed to go to sleep earlier in the evenings, but I never experienced the significant third trimester discomfort so many people mention. Hoping for the same this time, and you never know, you might get lucky too.
  • Thanks for the reassurance @marijaa333 !
  • Hahaha @holyboobsbatman I think maybe a bit longer than a month? I've heard that the 3rd trimester can get pretty uncomfortable, especially once you're in the 35+ week mark. But maybe you'll get lucky like @marijaa333 though and not have any discomfort (which I'm super jealous of btw).

    My sacroiliac joint has been causing me a huge amount of grief this week! I'm back in my belt and it's somewhat working, but my stride is 1/2 of what it normally is so it's taking me twice as long to get places and I'm absolutely shattered by the time I get there! Haha. I'm going to the chiro tonight to start a plan again for that. 

    You know it's not good when your OB says "you just don't do pregnancy well, do you?" hahaha. No, I certainly do not. I was not expecting to be in so much discomfort at all and had so many exciting plans for this pregnancy that have all pretty much come to a halt haha

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