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Help! :(

So today marks exactly 5 weeks since my LMP. I was so excited when I found out i was pregnant again with #2 (about 10 days ago) and of course I’ve taken about 5 tests which have all been positive..a couple hours ago I went pee and saw blood in the toilet. Not a lot but I’d say a moderate amount. I’m freaking out :( I called my midwife and she’s going to send a lab to test my HCG levels tomorrow and then I’ll repeat two days later. What sort of numbers should I be hoping for tomorrow at 5 weeks?? Anyone know? I’m so scared of having a miscarriage :(

Re: Help! :(

  • I'm not sure as I haven't had a blood test yet. But there is a HCG thread and I'm pretty sure the someone posted a Google link on there. (I know there are some awesome handy charts if you Google them). Also, you might get a faster response in the great question thread or HCG threads. The bump is really serious about board organization so sometimes you will hardly get a response in a one off post!! 

    I thinking about you and your blood draw tomorrow!
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