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I had a D and C this morning and am having heavy bleeding. They said to call your doctor if you're filling a pad every hour which I was, so I called and he prescribed me a medicine that he says will cause pain and cramping but stem the bleeding. I'm scared to take it because I don't like pain. Has anyone else taken that medicine? Do you think he's being overly cautious telling me to take the medicine? Maybe it will let up in a few hours? I'm scared. Help!

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    I'm sorry you're going through this. I had very little bleeding with my D&C. I was mostly tired for a few days, but I did have a LOT of pain about 48 hours after the procedure. I think I may have started to do too much, too soon. You could always take it and if the pain becomes unbearable, ask for a painkiller of some sort.
    Good luck!!  This is always upsetting enough, we don't need complications like this on top of it.
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    Thank you. The bleeding seems to have gone down-- I was just panicking because it was more than my previous two D&Cs. Sadly, this is my third miscarriage.
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