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TTC Check-in: 02/11/2019

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Hello ladies! Sending a bunch of internet hugs to those who need them this week (and to everyone else as well  :blush: )

As always, please double-check your name and confirm your Dx & Rx. (Please let me know if I forgot anyone). 

QOTW: What does a perfect weekend look like for you?

2019 BFP Hall of Fame:


@aeb1116: dx: unexplained Rx: IUI
@allisona66: dx: waiting for testing
@amac2313: dx: unknown Rx: Clomid
@Asampson87: dx: unexplained + MFI  Rx: metformin + testing
@Bgreenfield10: dx: anovulatory PCOS, LPD Rx: Clomid + trigger
@Brooke4131: dx: Secondary unexplained Rx: in testing
@BenJay: Dx: PCOS/unexplained Rx. Metformin + supplements
@beec2421: dx: PCOS, hypothyroidism Rx: metformin, synthroid, clomid
@bbtobumpie - dx: irregular cycles, in testing. Rx: pending.
@ChristinaV2015: dx: blocked tubes, PCOS, endo + MFI  Rx: lap, OPKs + TI
@ChristenMA83 : dx: MFI Rx: IVF w/ISCI
@Charligirl28: dx: unexplained Rx: Clomid
@courtneyh2013: dx: MFI Rx: IUI + clomid
@drewsdarlin: dx: RPL, PCOS, Hashimotos, low vitamin D and Iron RX: ?
@echocharlietango: dx: Unexplained Rx: trying naturally
@emgem819 dx: PCOS, Rx: provera, femara + Bravelle
@emmasemm: dx: DOR & autoimmune Rx: IVF
@eranvo27: dx: anovulatory PCOS Rx: metformin
@floridanursegirl: dx: unexplained anovulation Rx:Metformin, IUI+Femara+trigger
@fluffybookworm: dx: Anovulation + insulin resistance Rx: Metformin + prometrium + testing
@hannahlce: dx: anovulatory PCOS Rx: metformin + letrozole
@Happyin14: dx: unexplained, RPL Rx: IVF
@inthewoods23 - dx:unexplained. Rx: IUI.
@jrm_14: dx: Adrenal/overian insufficiency, Borderline-low AMH, Low progesterone Rx: IUI w/ injectables.
@jmr1515: dx: Mild MFI/morph, fibroid  Rx: Surgery + TI
@kgabhart: dx: Unexplained/PCOS  Rx: letrozole + IUI
@Kate437: dx:anovulatory   Rx:Letrozole + trigger
@Knottie1467155066: dx: unknown Rx: letrozole + trigger + TI
@kls2016 - dx: in testing. Rx: pending.
@ladystout08: dx: unknown Rx: waiting for testing
@leafyarch: dx: MFI, no thyroid Rx: IVF
@linz36: dx: Low AFC, MFI  Rx: testing/IUI
@manhattanmama2: dx: unexplained Rx: IVF
@mirabelle33: dx: endometriosis/endometrioma, DOR, AMA, Rx: IVF
@meganttc3: dx: PCOS, unexplained Rx: waiting to test
@mrsjcrane: dx: unexplained Rx: femara + trigger + TI + 2nd HCG booster
@mighty-mouse: dx:pcos & HA Rx: provera/letrozole + trigger
@mackenzie07 dx: PCOS and Endo  Rx: metformin, letrozole, ovidrel
@MicahDahn: Dx: irregular cycles Rx: preparing for testing
@moloninge Dx:PCOS, hypothyroidism, insulin resistance, fibroids. Rx:Metformin,Synthroid,IUI w/letrozole, ovidrel, and progesterone.
@mandasand: dx: low AMH  Rx:IVF (Lupron, Menopur + Follistim)
@Mythril: dx: PCOS (anovulatory) Rx:levothyroxine, metformin and femara + TI
@nurseerin2012: dx: unexplained Rx: letrozole + IUI
@oklahomak: dx: PCOS Rx: metformin/letrozole/estradiol/progesterone+ trigger
@PoeMasque: dx: unexplained Rx: letrozole with TI
@rachlee2010: dx: DOR Rx: IUI
@rmarble23: dx: MFI Rx: IVF
@Samanthaarielxo dx: anovulation Rx: still in testing
@sarah0985: dx: PCOS, possible blocked tubes Rx: Lap
@SM746830: dx: PCOS, blocked tubes Rx: Surgery, Clomid
@starlitfae dx: MFI & balanced translocation, thyroid  Rx: ivf with pgd testing
@SP128: in testing/unexplained
@serownarain: dx: in testing
@sarahven dx:anovulation and PCOS. Rx: femara
@sincethelastday -  DX: irregular cycles and low morph RX: Letrozole 
@sailorariel - dx: fibroids. Rx: fibroid removal surgery.
@wishing-and-hoping: dx: unexplained rx: poss. IVF
@prpl11butterfly dx: RPL rx: TI with progesterone

@chiblackhawkie - rx: Clomid, trigger, and ti 

@cigaline dx: unexplained/MFI rx: retesting before appointment 


@emily1052 - 

@Knottie1458606415  - Dx: unexplained and MFI  rx: Letrozole + trigger + TI 

@estherjvb - Dx: endometriosis, hydrospinx on right fallopian tube Rx: surgery consult 

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Re: TTC Check-in: 02/11/2019

  • Hi all

    Hope you're all doing OK. Thanks for the hugs @sincethelastday! Much appreciated. How is the 2WW going for you?

    @inthewoods23 Really sorry to hear that IUI#2 didn't work. I imagine it must be so much more frustrating to get BFNs when you've been through all that. I'm sorry I don't know the answer to your IVF question either - I'd have guessed it wasn't a problem but really have no idea. Hope you can get an answer soon from your clinic. 

    AFM, currently at 7-8 DPO according to the OPK. Starting from this afternoon, I've been having cramping which has got steadily stronger through the evening. Just like period pain. It's hard not to get my hopes up, the timing is uncannily precise (pretty much exactly 7 days since I had ovulation pain) and I don't recall ever having had cramps like this at this point of my cycle. Yesterday I also had a weird sore throat which was so painful I had trouble sleeping but which by this evening has pretty much gone with no other cold symptoms. Anyway, I'll try to drag myself back to reality if I can...

    QOTW: I have 2 answers, depending on whether it's a weekend at home or away. If at home, I'd have friends to stay and enjoy showing them the new house (which is pretty despite its half-unpacked state) and its history. We'd have plenty of nice food, maybe play a boardgame in the evening, and go for a walk round the village and along the river the next day. If away, it would be spent somewhere in the countryside with a picturesque town (I know it sounds as though I live in the country but I'm actually in the suburbs of Paris!) where we could wander around, have some nice food (see the pattern), and spend some time in the mountains or by the sea. With lots of sunshine! :-)
    PS still having the tagging issues, but despite multiple tests I can't understand why! All I can say is that sometimes when I start typing the name appears on its own, highlighted, and if I press return it then deletes the previous paragraph rather than bringing up the username in the entry field. Maddening!

  • @cigaline these last 2 BFNs with the IUIs have been way more of a hit than the last year and a half. It is tough!

    AFM, AF arrived yesterday so I have the baseline US scheduled for tomorrow. Hoping everything looks good!

    QOTW: What does a perfect weekend look like for you?
    This is a hard question! Different things can make the weekend perfect. Sometimes it's getting a lot done around the house, other times it's because we went out and did fun things. A perfect weekend is probably any quiet time with DH. Especially if it's up north Wisconsin at the house on a lake we go to every summer (unfortunately with his family ha). It's just so peaceful and time seems like it goes so slow. Any time I can feel refreshed from the weekend is a good weekend to me!
    TTGP February Siggy Challenge: Animals in Love

    Me: 29 DH:31
    Together since 2007
    Married 7/2/16
    TTC #1 since 7/2017
    Dx: unexplained, DH's SA shows 1% morph
    IUI #1 12/27/18 - BFN 1/10/19
    IUI #2 1/25/2019 - BFN 2/8/19
    IUI #3 TBD
  • edited February 12
    Hey hey! Yesterday was crazy at work (no joke, they sold like 10 cars over the weekend to our usual 5)

    @cigaline it's hard to not get excited when something out of the norm happens. Both of your weekends sounds great!

    @inthewoods23 fx your baseline goes well. I agree a refreshing weekend is the best.


    Testing tomorrow but not having much hope. Not even sure DH is going to be there which sucks for a BFN. He's flying back into Boston tonight and we are expecting his flight to be canceled. I technically am "scheduled" to test on Thur but don't know that I want to do that either. Yuck. 

    QOTW- I like a low key weekend. I can't be stuck home the while time. But going out and doing some fun things mixed with responsible ones (gotta grocery shop right?) is good. I'm not big on being out doing tons of things. We are homebodies.
  • @cigaline - I kinda am not even thinking about the 2WW. I’m just really going with the motions of finishing off my last two doses of Letrozole just so I can finish them off. I have really low expectations that this round and my last round will work. I actually find this way of thinking easier to deal with than having hope each cycle. I’m taking it as a break in a way, even though we’re still trying, before heading to IUI. That’s my positive spin with Letrozole not working lol. Thanks for asking! 

    I would totally be hoping if I was in your shoes with the cramping! Any little change feels like it maybe could be a pregnancy symptom. It’s a fine line between trying to be hopeful and also trying to stay grounded. I’m going to hope a lot for you though!!

    Sorry that you’re still having issues with the tagging! I wish I had an answer. I wonder if there’s a way to report glitches or errors with the app/website? 

    Oh, and the suburbs of Paris sound glorious just in their own right! 

    @inthewoods23 - has your RE given any indication of why they think the last two rounds didn’t work? Or is really just one of those luck things where it just didn’t work but there’s nothing wrong? Really hoping that third times the charm! 

    The house on the lake sounds wonderful! My in-laws just sold their cabin and I’m mourning the fact that we won’t be able to go out in the summer to the lake. It’s so nice to be able to get away like that! 

    @prpl11butterfly - ugh, the run up before testing is brutal! I get so anxious before testing! That also sucks with YH not being around when it happens. Of course, I hope you get a positive result, but if not, I hope you treat yourself to whatever will make it easier to deal with! 

    Also, I’m totally a homebody as well. Although I like going out and doing stuff, I love just spending time at home doing nothing. 

    AFM: as referenced above, in the 2WW and would be expecting AF a week from now. *TW* DH’s best friend’s wife was in hospital yesterday after her water broke. So there’s a good chance she has her baby now. I’m being a bit crazy and keep checking Facebook for the birth announcement; I just want her to get it over with so I can like the post, say a congrats, and then just not have to think about it anymore (until we have to actually meet her new born).*TW* 

    QOTW: I love being able to have at least one day during the weekend when I don’t have to leave the house. Just hang around in my sweatpants drinking tea, reading, watching movies with DH, and cuddling with my dog. It’s a little bit different in summer when it’s nice out, but during winter I just want to hibernate lol. 
  • @sincethelastday they haven't said anything. I'm guessing they won't ever know since we're an unexplained case. All my results are in normal ranges. DH just has the 1% morph result from his SA. And maybe also they don't really look into it because it's only an IUI
    TTGP February Siggy Challenge: Animals in Love

    Me: 29 DH:31
    Together since 2007
    Married 7/2/16
    TTC #1 since 7/2017
    Dx: unexplained, DH's SA shows 1% morph
    IUI #1 12/27/18 - BFN 1/10/19
    IUI #2 1/25/2019 - BFN 2/8/19
    IUI #3 TBD
  • I'm back. Last week I had a work trip, and did my best to push TTC thoughts out of my head and just have fun. Nashville was a good time with much better weather than the cold and crud going on outside right now.

    Took my trigger shot this morning. A little miffed with my clinic; after being told we could start IUI this cycle, I was told we couldn't because they needed to test my DH before (why they couldn't have brought that up in the beginning of the cycle is beyond me.. we could have gotten him in if we had the heads up.)

    So I'm going to change this up this cycle TI wise: BDing tonight, tomorrow (expected o day) and Thursday instead of W-Th-F like they've requested. After everything I've read, it sounds like BD'ing the day before and day of is much more common than what my office is telling me.

    So rebellious, I know. Very low expectations this cycle as well.

    @sincethelastday *TW*it's hard, social media wise, to see people's success when we feel like we're stuck in this cycle of drugs and waiting.. *tw*

    @cigaline It's so hard to ignore those symptoms, especially when it feels so different from what usually happens. Fingers crossed for you.

    @prpl11butterfly Ugh, sorry to hear that. Sending you positive vibes.

    @inthewoods23 Praying for good results on your US today!
  • @cigaline @prpl11butterfly US was good! I have my midcycle US scheduled for the 21st!
    TTGP February Siggy Challenge: Animals in Love

    Me: 29 DH:31
    Together since 2007
    Married 7/2/16
    TTC #1 since 7/2017
    Dx: unexplained, DH's SA shows 1% morph
    IUI #1 12/27/18 - BFN 1/10/19
    IUI #2 1/25/2019 - BFN 2/8/19
    IUI #3 TBD
  • @chiblackhawkie - were you given an estimated time when the testing for YH will be completed? Hopefully you don’t have to miss another cycle before starting IUI. That’s disappointing when you’re ready for the next step and then there’s more waiting. 
  • @sincethelastday I was directed to take the trigger shot yesterday morning and they made it sound like getting the test results wasn't a one day process... So unfortunately we're in for more waiting. I've gone ahead with our own TI schedule though (watch that actually work...)

    We're both scheduled to go in Tuesday for testing and to sign consent papers, so at least there's that. The office assured me I should be able to start IUI next cycle. Thanks for sharing in my disappoint/frustration - trying to not be too bitter.
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