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Appointments Week of 2/11

Let us know what you have on the schedule for this week! 
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Re: Appointments Week of 2/11

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  • Regular OB appointment on Wednesday :)
  • I will be 20 weeks tomorrow! Super excited to be at the half way mark and I also have my Anatomy scan tomorrow as well... not going to lie super nervous. Excited to see baby but probably wont sleep much.  @nopegoat b/c you have done anatomy scan and I am a FTM do you find results out right away if everything is good?
  • I have an appointment tomorrow... just a regular one with the doppler at 16+5... Anatomy scan won't be until the 26th. 
  • @mom2b77373 it really depends on your office and who does your scan. If a tech does the scan more than likely they aren't really supposed to give you definite answers but usually will give you clues if anything seems off or if everything looks normal. Some offices will send you to MFM or other specialist for the anatomy scan for more accuaccurate scans. These are usually done by a Dr and you should get results immediately from them and then they will send everything to your Dr. I've had both ways done but still had a pretty clear picture whether there were any worries or not when I left the scan!

    Good luck on your scan tomorrow!!! I'll be watching for your update! ❤️ 
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  • mom2b77373 i'm sure every practice does it differently, but with all of my previous scans, if everything looked just fine, she would let me know, but if something was wrong, she would kind of shrug it off and tell me I would have to wait to talk about it until the follow up because she wasn't allowed to say. Don't be afraid to ask questions! 
  • Also try to remember that this scan goes really in depth so if they focus on one thing for a bit it doesn't mean anything is wrong. They need to get a few exact measurements and the baby doesn't always cooperate. They may also ask that you come back for the same reason. 
    Wife. Boy mom x6. Expecting #7. Wannabe homesteader.
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  • Anatomy and midwife today, I am so ready to see my little boy this afternoon! 
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  • Regular OB appt. and possibly prelim AS Wednesday.
    OB mentioned AS at MFM, but also mentioned it when we were discussing this appt. So I'm not 100% sure.
    Regardless, between-appointment anxiety is about to kill me and I just want to see LO.
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  • Anatomy scan on Friday! Hopefully it’s still a girl lol! We already have 20 bows 😅
  • 20 weeks tomorrow! Anatomy scan on Wednesday

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  • @nopegoat and @nagrom9319 thank you for your help.  My Dr. office is always so busy so I am expecting to almost make a day of it.  Fingers crossed i dont have to wait for results. 
  • So jealous of all of your AS! In France they do them at 23 weeks...and I’m due end of the month so I won’t have mine until the end of March!!
  • @Panaceia I'm so happy everything looked great today! I know you've been worried! You're halfway there!  <3
  • @frenchbaby18 I'm sorry you have to wait so long! I've still got a couple weeks to go and I'm jealous of all the AS action too!
  • @Panaceia I'm so glad that everything looked fine! Yay wiggly babe.

    Check-up this morning went fine. Baby's heartbeat was much louder today so he must have been hanging out up front - 146. Not too much weight gain, whew. I had the typical blood/urine sampling and got a prescription both for physical therapy (hip), and for Zoloft. 
  • Thanks @cindler and @foodislove :) Of course today there is an ice storm and they closed the clinic so I won't get to go over the results with my OB until the 21st...but I feel pretty good that things were looking as they should. I figure if there was a huge issue they would have wanted to see me earlier than the end of next week.
  • Miscommunication, no A/S or even ultrasound, which I was a little upset by, but nice, strong HB of 151, and my OB found it quicker, last time LO kept moving and had no interest in letting her find it long enough. Probably helps that it's "a bigger target," as DH put it...
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