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PGAL check in week 2/11- 2/17

1. How many weeks are you?
2. How are you feeling physically? Mentally?
3. Any appointment updates?
4. Rants/raves/questions?
5. GTKY- who is in the delivery room with you?

Me: 36, DH 37.

August 2014- 6w MMC

July 2015- CP

PCOS, plus some medical issues that make me high risk.

Our rainbow babies are due 3/21!!!!!

Re: PGAL check in week 2/11- 2/17

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    1. 34w1d- I’ve caved and started thinking of myself with the date they are using (LMP) even though I know it’s three days off by conception 😂. I was so anxious to have three more days under my belt in the beginning but at this point it doesn’t seem to matter as much.

    2. I updated FB, but I fell on the ice yesterday. It’s been rough since my BPP on Thursday, boy was “sleepy” and passed but not as easily and I’ve been having lots of anxious thoughts about how difficult it would be if we only bring one twin home. I went in for monitoring after the fall and he was a rockstar! But the sterile speculum exam they did was a little traumatic to the tissues down there and now I have pain and bleeding with urination. Even though I know why the blood is there, it’s hard to see. I haven’t bled since some tiny spotting the day I should’ve had my period and wow does that bring up a lot for me to see it!

    3. Next regular OB Tuesday, BPP Thursday 

    4. My husband didn’t go with me for monitoring and I wish he would’ve made the effort. I was so scared driving in (for almost 90 minutes) alone. I just kept picturing that I had abrupted. He didn’t go because I was supposed to go to work, and would go to work if I got cleared, and he didn’t want to be stuck in town with one vehicle for three extra hours while I finished the work thing, and I get it, but it was the scariest thing that has happened so far and he wasn’t there.

    5. I don’t want anyone in the delivery room but my husband, but all the parents (three sets because of remarriage) will be allowed to stalk the waiting room. I considered that they will probably be driving us nuts wanting updates but they are so excited I couldn’t make them stay home. These grand babies have only been 4 years in the making!!!

    editted because I left out #3

    Me: 36, DH 37.

    August 2014- 6w MMC

    July 2015- CP

    PCOS, plus some medical issues that make me high risk.

    Our rainbow babies are due 3/21!!!!!

  • 1. How many weeks are you? 33+5
    2. How are you feeling physically? Mentally? Physically a little rough. I tweaked my back last night. (see rant for full story). Mentally just freaking out at everything I have left to do before he arrives! I've been making progress but need to finish getting his stuff set up AND get a lot of stuff organized just in general. 
    3. Any appointment updates? No appt this week, next week back with my regular OB
    4. Rants/raves/questions? So with the unexpected snow we had last night, I asked DH to make a fire in the woodstove. We're not sure if the paper didn't catch fire fast enough or the top of the flue was still too cold after preheating, but the smoke backed up into the house last night when he was trying to get the fire going. The fire alarms went off and we had to open every window in the house last night to help air it out. At one point it was 50 degrees inside. :( DH has been good about taking out the trash if there's snow/ice but I took it last night just to get out of the smoky air (I'd been hanging out next to a window to get me/baby fresh air) and wound up slipping by the curb. :( Thankfully no fall, but feeling hurt and stupid for slipping. Rave: only this week and one other where I don't have dr. appts before this baby comes! I can't believe how fast this pregnancy has gone. 
    5. GTKY- who is in the delivery room with you? Just DH. Our families live 6-10 hours away and I don't want anyone staying with us when we come home from the hospital so they'll come after we've had some bonding time/gotten to know the baby a little bit ourselves. 

    @3rdtime_charmed - posted over on FB already but I'm glad you and the babies are doing all right! I'm sure the spotting is super triggering. And yeah, I would have expected him to suck it up and deal with the time in town to make sure everyone was OK. 90 minutes was a long ass drive to have to be alone and worrying about an abruption! Big hugs to you. 
    Me: 37 DH: 40
    Married: 2016
    BFP #1 4/23/18, blighted ovum 5/29/18
    BFP#2 7/14/18, Brian 4/5/19
  • @3rdtime_charmed and @catlady2015 I'm glad you're both ok!  It's been slick out here, too. Lots of slipping and sliding. 
    @3rdtime_charmed I am kind of mad at your husband for not going!  That is a long drive. And what if everything wasn't Ok once you got there?  You shouldn't have had to do that alone. 

    1. How many weeks are you?
    36 + 5 today

    2. How are you feeling physically? Mentally?
    Physically I am so ready to be done with this. 
    Mentally, I am slightly nervous at the change in family dynamic that is so near in the future (18 days or less!)

    3. Any appointment updates?
    Not really. I have my 37 week appointment tomorrow morning. I don't anticipate anything crazy other than another painful cervical check. 

    4. Rants/raves/questions?
    Rant: been trying to get required marketing fields filled out in our system at work (data goes to the FDA so everything has to be perfect and approved by a lot of people in a lot of functions) as prep for an upcoming disco and replace of some med devices and it is the laaaargest pain in the rear. 

    5. GTKY- who is in the delivery room with you?
    OR for me, so just the husband. Hoping he doesn't faint!
  • 1. How many weeks are you? 34 + 4

    2. How are you feeling physically? Mentally? Physically, so many things are a struggle now, especially picking things up. And, I am still dealing with horrible heart burn. Mentally, OK. I still keeping having worst case scenario thoughts but really trying hard to put them out of my mind. Baby girl is pretty active, so that helps me a lot. 

    3. Any appointment updates? No appt this week; start weekly appts next week. 

    4. Rants/raves/questions? I am annoyed / stressed that she still seems to be transverse. I don't feel like I get enough information from my doctor. I believe I will have an ultrasound in 36th week but beyond that I don't really know what to expect.

    Also, I fell yesterday too on an ice/snow combo. It was a slow motion, butt landing, and didn't really hurt. I was more annoyed it happened and I had to figure out how to get myself off the icy ground. 

    5. GTKY- who is in the delivery room with you? The "plan" is for DH, my mom, and possibly MIL. Both our parents live very far away from us (flying distance; in the US) so I don't know what will actually happen. But, if I ended up with a C-section because she doesn't turn, I suppose it will just be DH.  

    @3rdtime_charmed I'm so sorry that these past couple of days have been so hard for you. I've been thinking about you, and I am glad to hear that everything seems OK Hang in there! 

    @catlady2015 I feel you on the prep. I had so much motivation in December and now have bags and piles of things in LO's room, plus need to open the car seat. My goal is to focus on it this coming weekend.

    @BuckeyeNut05 I agree about the family dynamic change. I am also anxious about DH feeling like he is bonding with her, as I plan to breastfeed. 
  • 1. How many weeks are you? 37+4

    2. How are you feeling physically? Mentally? Anxious for baby. We are team green and its really getting to me. I want to know and call my baby by it name. It has been super easy until the last week or so and now I'm over it. Physically, moving really slow, going to sleep is difficult and getting comfy is pretty frustrating. At least we I'm asleep I sleep super hard so thats nice. 

    3. Any appointment updates? weekly appt wed afternoon, so curious as to if I've dilated more. Last time I was at a 1. 

    4. Rants/raves/questions? rave: my hubby and I deep cleaned the house all weekend. Rented a carpet cleaner and everything. He was a huge help thank goodness. 

    5. GTKY- who is in the delivery room with you? DH. I don't even really want my family there until after the baby is born. I don't want them to feel like they need to sit in the waiting rooms for hours. They can be at home and still get text updates them come up to the hospital once we have settled a little. 
  • @karatepickles @catlady2015 @3rdtime_charmed Oh my goodness ladies! I can't believe you all had falls. That would freak me out. Hope you all feel better. 
  • I feel the love ladies, thank you. DH apologized right away, I didn’t even have to say anything. And he cleaned out this sewer trap spontaneously that Ive been complaining was stinky for like a year so I know he felt bad. Talking to you all helped me not be grouchy with him though and that’s probably a good thing.
    I am a little sore today but glad it’s all behind me. 

    Me: 36, DH 37.

    August 2014- 6w MMC

    July 2015- CP

    PCOS, plus some medical issues that make me high risk.

    Our rainbow babies are due 3/21!!!!!

  • @3rdtime_charmed I’m glad YH was apologetic, but hate that you had to deal with that scary situation alone! So glad you and the babies are ok! 

    @catlady2015 yikes, sorry to hear you slipped and tweaked your back! Hope you’re feeling better!

    @buckeyenut05 definitely feeling a little anxious about how our family dynamics will change. I’m hoping we’ll settle in to a happy new routine quickly, but I worry about how it’s going to impact DS.

    @karatepickles ugh, too many falls! Glad you’re ok!

    @bluebell08 yay for hubby assisted cleaning spree! 

    @kenneylynn3 I know with both DS and this lo, as deeply wanted and planned for as they are, I’ve had moments of self doubt and worry about becoming their mother and my ability to give them everything they need. I’d like to think that’s a pretty normal part of becoming a parent. It’s a massive life change!

    1. How far along are you? 36 today!

    2. How are you feeling? Physically? Mentally? Physically feeling ok, changing my office chair made a huge positive impact on my pelvic pain! Feel big, bending is uncomfortable/bordering on not possible and sleep is getting less comfortable/more interrupted. Mentally doing pretty good, still have moments of worst case scenario flash through, but less often.

    3. Any appt updates? This morning was my 36 week appointment and the GBS test (crossing everything its negative this time). Got a surprise us to verify baby girls positioning, loved getting to see her and know for sure she’s properly positioned!

    4. Rants/raves/questions? Rave: DS’s cough is almost completely cleared!!!!! Rant: I’m hosting my BFs bachelorette & shower this weekend and I feel to high & tired to get everything done that I need to.... 🤦‍♀️

    5. GTKY- who is in the delivery room with you? Hubby only! Grandparents may come to the hospital to wait for her arrival, although I’m kind of hoping they just wait until we’ve moved to our recovery room.

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  • @lelkcot you are ambitious to take on all of that at 36 weeks pregnant!  
  • @BuckeyeNut05 I tried to plan it earlier but she hadn’t told everyone they were engaged yet... so it got pushed off super late 🤷‍♀️ But she’s my oldest friend and has been involved in hosting several showers for me. I didn’t want this to pass without proper celebration (which it likely would have if I hadn’t pushed for a shower and bachelorette)!! Just wishing I wasn’t so huge and tired!
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  • 1. How many weeks are you? 36+3

    2. How are you feeling physically? Mentally? Physically like you all I feel huge.  I'm becoming puffy, feet and face are swelling.  Ugh.  Mentally I'm okay.  My appts have made it more reassuring.

    3. Any appointment updates?  Bpp tomorrow.  Will see if my fluid has gone up.  Last week it stayed the same so I'm hoping that's the case again.

    4. Rants/raves/questions?  I have an induction date! March's so surreal.  My doctor is going out of town next week and kindly threatened me not to go into labor while she is gone.  😂 I'll do my best.  I'm having contractions daily and am at a 1.  I know I could be there for a while which I don't mind because I want my doctor to be here.

    5. GTKY- who is in the delivery room with you?
    DH and my doula.  She has been with me for all my kids births, including our loss.  Family will show up in the waiting room and get no communication...I'm pretty moody in labor and the last thing I want is any of them asking how I am or being all peppy...hello, I'm in pain and trying to push out a kid! 🤪
  • @oneday2019 funny you should mention it. My sil said to dw something about updating them as no one is allowed to be waiting at the hospital. All I could think was, I know you're excited, but no. You will get a text announcing the arrival and name of this little one after things are a little settled and we've had some time as a family of 3.

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