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Bad flank pain

I'm 19 weeks and am having some serious pain in my back just under my rib cage. It radiates to the front. I called the midwife at the hospital and she said to try a heating pad and tylenol but go to urgent care if it doesn't subside. It feels better on the heating pad but if I move off of it the pain is back full force. I don't have any significant urinary symptoms and no fever. At what point would you go in?

I have a fetal doppler and HR sounds good. Have also felt some small movements here and there.

Re: Bad flank pain

  • Is it muscle pain or deeper than that? Gentle stretching and a heating pad could be all you need if its muscle related. I have pretty bad back problems so its not uncommon for an aggravated back muscle to pull on the muscles in my ribs and all just have a party. Make sure you are drinking plenty of water! Unfortunately pregnancy isnt always comfortable. Your little one as well as your uterus and placenta are going to be growing a lot now and causing some pain. Especially as your organs get shoved towards your rib cage. Be sure to mention this to your OB at your next appointment though. 

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  • Personally, I would be calling my normal OB doctor immediately and see what they say.  It could be typical pregnancy aches and pains, could be an onset of kidney infection, any number of things.  I would rather be safe than sorry. 
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