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Hcg and progesterone question..

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Hello so I'm currently pregnant, 5 weeks 1days,  due date 10/10/2019 ). I've had 2 eptopic pregnancy back to back which were caught early with hah lvls.. 
So needless to say this pregnancy has been lots of of blood to see if this one is is going to be eptopic.

I have a few questions that hopefully someone might have some insight on..

My hcg lvls have been rising..  but they fluctuate in how much they rise.. so I get worried. And this time there also testing progesterone, which I've never had before..  

Here are my numbers  question is should I be worried or do things seem ok? 

 Test run every 48 hours
3 weeks 4 days hcg 35
3 weeks 6 days hcg 121 a 245% increase
4 weeks hcg 213 and 76% increase
4 weeks 2 days hcg 385 80% increase
4 weeks 4 days hcg 906 219 135% increase
4 weeks 6 days hcg 2896 219% increase

I have never had numbers rise more then 13% so I'm happy to see these numbers  but it is normal. For them to fluctuate in % of rise?

Now for progesterone these ones worry me but I have no idea if it's normal for them to drop every 48 hours and at what point do I speak up??

4 weeks progesterone was 42.5
4 weeks 2 days it was 35.2
4 weeks 4 days down to 32.7
4 weeks 6 days down to 24.2

As for symptoms  my boobs are mildly sore but nothing worse then mild pms boob soreness.  Other then that I haven't noticed anything..

So I'm just wondering has anyone else experienced anything like this..  should I be concerned.. 

I have an ultra sound Monday hoping we see something. But I'm not sure with these numbers if they will?  Living by numbers is a blessing and a curse.. 


Re: Hcg and progesterone question..

  • I'm sorry I don't know specific numbers, but I do know that hcg doubling time gets slower over time.

    What did your doctor say? 
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  • Dr hasn't said to much he's waiting for my scan Monday before we talk..  
  • I don’t have any answers to your question but I am rooting for you! 💜
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  • I’m going to direct you to the beta thread, where you’ll see that many of us are in similar boats. 

    The overall trend is that the betas are doubling every 48ish hours. I’m too lazy to pull up the calculator. As the number gets bigger, the doubling time slows. They’re going to fluctuate, especially if they aren’t drawn at the exact same time. You’re looking for a general doubling time of 36-72 hours in the beginning.

    1st tri progesterone levels are 10-50ng. They can fluctuate some. If you’ve had a standing order for betas, are you with an RE? If your doctor is concerned, they’ll call you in supplements, but right now, you’re in the right range 
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  • For the betas, I don’t think fluctuation in the increase matters, so long as they’re doubling every 48 hours. I’m honestly not sure on the progesterone. I would just call your doctor and ask them to explain the results. If it’s lower than is ideal, they can put you on a progesterone supplement. But I’d like to imagine that if the results were concerning, they would have done that already. Good luck!
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  • Hi @farkinkez sorry to hear about your ectopics.  I’ve only had one and I’m a worrying mess so I can’t imagine how you are after two.  

    As @cmbt2 & @longhairdntcare both said, your beta’s look great!  Progesterone also looks within the normal range.  

    With this pregnancy we were able to see the gestational sac at 5 weeks 1 day located in utero and I’m assuming my hcg was just under 2000 (if it was doubling).  

    I hope they can locate your pregnancy, nice and cozy, in your uterus tomorrow!  
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