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Methodist Main Delivery

Has anyone delivered at Methodist Main (in the medical center) recently, or seen the new L&D area? I can't find pictures of the private luxury suites anywhere. It's also my understanding that they are "based on availability" and there are very few. I am wondering if this means that unless you're having a scheduled C-section or induction you won't be able to get one. Finally, how long did you spend in the public/curtain triage area before being moved to a private room? Am I correct in understanding that private triage is absolutely not an option? Thank you!

Re: Methodist Main Delivery

  • Hello! 

    I delivered at Main Methodist last year in July. My experience was great! I didn't spend too long in the public / curtain triage for that long at all. It was max maybe 20 min, there is not private triage. However, my Dr. did call ahead and tell them I was on my way. 

    I got a private room and mine was not scheduled. 
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