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Incompetent Cervix and new pregnancy

I’m only 7 weeks pregnant with my 3rd child. My last pregnancy was rough - I found I was  90% effaced and 3cm at my 28th week visit and ended up at the hospital and then bed rest.  I delivered my son at 36 weeks. 
Anyone else pregnant again after an incompetent cervix diagnosis? Do you know see a high risk doctor? Did you do a cerclage (or are planning on one)? I’d be lying if I said I’m not nervous about going through the same thing again. 
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Re: Incompetent Cervix and new pregnancy

  • I am currently pregnant with my 4th. Found out I had an incompetent cervix after my 2nd. Had a cerclage placed with my 3rd but had to have it removed at 35+2 and delivered at 35+6. I saw a high risk doc most of that pregnancy. With this one I have another cerclage just a different type of stitch but I haven't seen a high risk doc except to have it placed. I was doing fine until 2 days ago and I had some bad contractions and have to get monitored and put on an IV but my cervix was closed and the length was 3.5. This cerclage is supposed to be removed 4/24 at 36 weeks. I can say that the cerclage helps me stay pregnant. My 2nd was delivered at 33 weeks with no cerclage and was in the nicu for 7 weeks after she was born
  • I’m glad things are going well. I too have a cerclage. So far so good! 
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