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Late starter

Hello ladies ,

   My name is Sarah, I am due June 22nd. I was obsessed with this app the first time around. This time I am so much busier I forgot all about the journey! I have a 3 year old son and expecting another boy!
   I just quit my job this past friday due to high stress, low pay and a boss from hell. Im exhausted all the time just like my first pregnancy. But way less obsessed with the pregnancy overall. Im from Colorado and live here still. 2 dogs a wonderful husband a crazy toddler and a little one on the way! 

Re: Late starter

  • Hello! I am from maine with a 2.5 year old girl as well as two dogs. I am also due to June 22nd, but I am having a c-section on June 18th. I am having a boy this time around and we are very excited! 
  • Hi! I'm a late starter to the board a well although I have read the board occasionally. The first half of my pregnancy had me nervous but I'm finally joining in on the fun.
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