First time IVF - February 2019

Hi ladies,

Just started my cycle today, and will begin taking birth control on Saturday to begin our first IVF (in vitro fertilization) cycle. I'm nervous, excited, sad, worried and a million other emotions. So I think finding cycle buddies/a support group will be helpful. 

Anyone starting IVF this month or recently started for the first time?


Re: First time IVF - February 2019

  • Hi @msanonymous I did my BCP cycle in January and started my first IVF cycle Jan 28th. I just had my egg retrieval yesterday. 
    I totally understand feeling all sorts of crazy emotions that can change at the drop of a hat. 
  • @msanonymous Hello! I am starting IVF injections next week, hopefully. Just waiting for AF lol. 
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  • I just got through with my first egg retrieval on my first cycle. It's not so bad! The injections are a piece of cake once you get used to them. It can be overwhelming, for sure.
  • i can definitely understand the emotions. we had our retrieval. 11 eggs, 6 fertilized, 5 made it to blast and 2 came out good after the PGS testing. I'm doing estrogen and start progesterone on friday. transfer is next wednesday. 

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  • I’m currently post-transfer, awaiting beta testing on Monday. We collected 8 eggs, 7 fertilized (without ICSI), and 5 made it to blastocyst. We transferred 2 (I turned 43 just 12 hours after the transfer!), and are freezing 3. I ended up choosing not to do the PGS testing because it’s not as reliable as I would hope for to offset the risk of freezing, shipping, thawing, extracting a chromosome, refreezing, reshipping, rethawing and then trying to get it to be perky enough to latch onto the wall. My understanding is that in most cases, a significantly dramatic genetic abnormality will likely not result in a viable pregnancy anyway, and there are a lot of false positive/negatives. I’ll do the testing once I’m pregnant as/if advised. 

  • @gingerheadgirl I'm also in my tww. It is like the longest 2 weeks ever!! We are having a party Friday so that is keeping me a bit distracted but it's so hard. My beta is Thursday. We collected 13 eggs, 7 fertilized, 2 made it to day 5 blastocysts. We transferred both. We didnt do PGS testing either, we are dealing with MFI. DH and I are both 29. 
  • Hi Ladies, 
    I'm new here but wanted to share, I'm doing my first egg retrieval tomorrow! I'm nervous and excited and trying to remain cautiously optimistic all at once. 
    I have PCOS and Endometriosis, my husband has some motility issues. We have been trying for 3+ years, with over 5 medicated cycles, an IUI and a couple surgeries to remove polyps and the endo.
    I'm exhausted from the meds, and feeling rather tender, but besides that, so far everything has gone well this cycle. 
    Fingers crossed for good results moving forward! We're doing a fresh transfer as we've also decided to pass on PGS. 

    Good luck ladies! Hoping this Feb round 1 IVF is lucky for us :) 
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