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TBT: Things I thought...

Throw Back Thursday: I thought we could do things we thought before getting pregnant/having a child that we laugh at ourselves for now...and/or things we think now that we'll likely laugh at ourselves for later. 

Re: TBT: Things I thought...

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  • Oh man, so many! 
    • I won't let my kids watch phones/ipads when we are eating out
    • I won't ever buy clothes with cartoons on them (I compromise on this and allow it for pjs)
    • Kids will eat whatever I make for dinner
    • How hard can breastfeeding be? Ot that I would ever voluntarily stop on my own
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  • I'll never have more than 2 kids and for sure would have a boy and a girl. 😂😂😂😂

    I definitely thought we'd never ever EVER have a kid in our bed.

    I also thought our dogs would always be right there priority wise with the kids. While they never went hungry or abused they did get knocked down a peg or two for a while. When our 1st started crawling and walking they did start to get even more attention than before though. 

    I'll have to think about for now.. I've grown a lot and quickly realized to never say never and to expect the unexpected.

    @Panaceia it's a very different kind of hard adding another kid. You've got the basics down and the confidence to know you've gotten through it before so that's much easier the next time around. But learning to juggle and balance multiple kids can be challenging at times. But you adjust, it quickly becomes your new normal, and then you can't even remember life before. 

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    , 💙💙💙💙💙💙
  • Things I thought before kids ....

    I will not let my kid watch TV on my iPhone

    I will not allow tacky toys or baby clutter into my home (my son grew an interest in Thomas the train and now it warms my heart to see his little Thomas trains he loves so dearly)

    Breastfeeding will be natural and come easy (spoiler for me, it was not)

  • So so many of the above!!!

    -Kiddo will eat what I eat. 
    -My body will bounce right back after having a baby
    -I will not become my parents 
    -baby swim lessons are ridiculous (1 year of every Saturday 😂)

  • -My baby will sleep through the night very quickly🤦🏼‍♀️
    -Having a c-section is the easy way out
    -How could I ever discipline this sweet little angel?!
    Parenting is definitely a learning curve! But I'm still loving it❤

  • The one dinner for the whole family lie. Definitely that. 
  • - I will spend my days having peaceful picnics in the park in flowy dresses while DS (also dressed in cute outfits) happily stays in one spot in his cloth diapers without any pee or poo -splosions 

  • @nopegoat - Yes! I thought our dog would still be our baby, but she definitely got bumped down.

    @canuckmomma - I'm right there with you on the tacky toys. Thought we would only have a select few beautiful wooden montessori type toys. Now we basically live in a pink plastic junk yard.

    - I'll read to my child every night. (I know it is awful, but we don't. She hates bedtime stories, so I don't push it. Sometimes we read during the day though....occasionally.)
    - My husband and I will continue to go on weekly date nights. (Date nights are about 3 x a year.)
    - I'm going to be a "cool" mom and keep my trendy city lifestyle. (We moved to the suburbs, and I fantasize about owning a minivan every single day.)
  • Another vote for thinking our dog would always be our 'baby.' She now lives with my in-laws... 
  • @mamanbebe Me too! I still have those fantasies now: sitting on a picnic blanket in the sun while #2 snoozes peacefully in the shade and #1 runs around laughing and chasing butterflies. You think I'd know better...
    What I thought:
    We'll never give in to a picky eater.
    We'll do regular art projects at home - something different every time!
    We'll seek out new adventures to do as a family and explore our local mountains, forests, etc.
    We feed him what he will eat and regularly pack large quantities of snacks for him when we go out because chances are he won't eat anything on offer.
    We draw. That's it. I'm never prepared with fun new materials, and I hate feeling like I need to display/hold on to his art projects from school/camp.
    We sign him up for regular lessons to keep him busy because adventures take up too much time and mental energy to plan. Also, I can read for an hour while someone else teaches him to swim/dance/etc.
  • I thought I wouldn't allow my kid to taste sugar until he is school age....
  • @Panaceia having 2 kids is such a huge transition. Especially if the oldest one is super young still! Lol one kid was a breeze
  • My kids will eat what we eat. 
  • @nopegoat and @bartonolivia I'm naively hoping that since DD will be 5.5 and is super independent that this will help. Also she has been in school since she was 3 so I'll at least have 7 to 8 hours a day where I can focus mostly on baby and myself. We'll still be with my parents for the next 2 years so I will have a lot of help! The biggest adjustment will be for DD as she is used to us going on all kinds of adventures at the drop of a hat. I'm already dreading when she realizes we are going to be staying in the city this summer and going up to the boat or camping or any of our normal summer things:/
  • I also thought my water wouldn't break out of nowhere with my first. Even in our birthing class they never went over it and said ”that only happens in movies”. My first was a spontaneous labor and my water broke at home at 38w 4d with what I thought were Braxton hicks still. 
  • I will never lose my temper with my kids or yell at them  :D:D:D:D such a lie. 
  • This thread is really entertaining!

    -I won't give up my social life just because I have a kid!
    ...I love my friends but turns out I usually prefer staying home with my kids!

    -My kids will adapt to MY schedule! Haha
  • I thought the needing to pee all the time thing was just when you were super pregnant and the baby was kicking on your bladder or whatever. I had NO idea that it would last the whole damn time 😂 I swear I’ve been getting up to pee multiple times a night since I was like 8 weeks pregnant 
  • @cbeanz YES! I thought I'd keep up my social life at least a little bit more. But now I reserve my weekends and weeknights for my son. When people ask me to go out I have to seriously think about it. I'd much rather spend time with my kid(s), especially after working all week. 
  • @tova24 we started “swim lessons” at 6 weeks. It’s basically just a water baby class, getting them comfortable in the water and such. It’s free until they’re 6 months though, so I’m all about that! At 6 months they move into an actual swim class, still with mom in the pool. Living in FL, it was an absolute must for us. 

    -our kid will never dictate our schedule (we rarely are out past bed time. My kids turn into assholes is they go to bed late, so it’s just not worth it)
    - they won’t sleep in our bed
    - I’m going to make all of our baby food (pouches for life!)

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  • @msimi every. Time. I. Stand. Up.  
  • Ok I don't mean to be weird, but I honestly don't know what you mean by making different foods for your kids. Babies? Yes, but what about toddlers and older kids? I know my kids are unusually non-picky, but I guess I just thought it was because I've always given them lots of variety. I absolutely refuse to make separate food for my kids (unless it's leftover night and we're eating different things anyway, or if it's too spicy). My four year old loves salad, carrots, broccoli, most fruit, most meat, etc. My two year old is a bit more picky, but still eats most of what I put in front of her. I'm not trying to sound smart alecky, just curious. How many of you make two different meals?
  • @kingdommom my boys don’t necessarily eat what’s put on their plate, which is typically always the same thing DH and I are eating, but I might make it a little different. My oldest isn’t a fan of tacos, so on taco night I make him a quesadilla. I still put ground beef and all of the other fixings on his plate in hopes he will try everything, but I at least know he will eat the quesadilla. 

    We definitely  have nights where dinner gets a bit behind and we’re getting close to bedtime, so in those instances I’ll whip up something quick for the boys (sandwich, breakfast for dinner) and DH and I will have our regular dinner after they go to bed. 
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  • @kingdommom I definitely make one meal and encourage my 2.5 yr old to try the same thing we are eating for dinner. Sometimes its a major fail and he refuses to try it or what he likes one day, wont like the next (the forever parenting struggle). If I know he's eating great all day, I wont worry to much about it he will eat when hes hungry next. But if he didn't have a good breakfast/lunch/snacks I sometimes cave and make him toast with PB and a banana before bed. Usually he'll go for that as a "bed time snack".

  • @canuckmomma my 4.5 year old will devour something for dinner and then look at me like I have two heads when I try and serve it to him the next day for lunch. Why in the world would I think he would like the same food the next day 😆 
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  • @nolemomma14 I absolutely love the water babies class my son is in! We've been going for a year. I started him in it around 6 months because I missed the water and he loved playing in the bath so much. I totally see value in it! My younger/non-mama self used to think it was a waste of money. 
  • @kingdommom I offer my son everything we are having for meals. He's just so picky right now. He won't eat meat, doesn't like rice, the lust goes on and on. 
  • Ok, that makes sense. And again, my kids aren't that picky. I may be eating those words sometime😂 My husband on the other hand, well he was raised a little different than I was and they did pretty much cater to his dislikes. I try not to make something he really doesn't like. It is funny when our four year old tries to convince him that veggies are good😆
  • @tova24 I definitely never thought we would start in the water as young as we did!! I figured once my kids were like 1-1.5. The free class they offer is a great start though! 
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  • I swore I would never be the parent with a screaming child at the grocery store. My son can be an angel all day. The second we walk inside the store to grocery shop, a switch flips. 😈 child. 
  • @shawnacrest OMG good one... early 20s me looked at those moms like "ugh get your kid in line lady" ... and now give them a "I understand, you're doing great mama" comfort look. I've helped a mom bag her groceries recently when her kid just could not be consoled and needed her. We've all been there... mom solidarity! 
  • FTM laughing hard at this thread!  I guess “never say never” is the best way to go! I’m sure I won’t care what I thought before baby- and some ideals just add more stress and self-judgment, it seems.
    Thanks to everyone for sharing real life! 😄
  • I swore we’d never feed our kid fast food. - it’s not common but it’s saved our ass from time to time. 

    Also +1 for thinking out kid would never have an iPad. - my three year old can now put in the password and connect to WiFi on her own. Oops! 

    Now i I just laugh when non-parents tell me these things. 
  • - I am only going to breastfeed.  I spent hundreds on lactation consultants, supplements, etc.  Nothing came out.  This time around, I don't plan on trying.  I liked only having to wake up for every other feeding.
    - My kid will not have fast food or sugar until they are in elementary school.  I am now an allergy mama, to a severely underweight child.  She gets McDonald's once a month.  She doesn't usually ask for sweets, so when she does, I give in.
    - My kid will eat what I eat.  We now have her agreeing to take one "no thank you bite."  But she lives on cheese sticks, hot dogs and gf chicken nuggets and salad with "no sauce" (dressing).
    -No TV until age 2.  Does age 1 count?
    -- My kid will never be on a phone/tablet in a restaurant.  hahahahaha
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