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PGAL 02/07

This thread is a safe place for those who are pregnant after a loss. (PGAL).  If you have suffered a loss please feel free to answer the questions below and keep things going throughout the week as a continuing conversation. 

If you haven’t suffered a loss, please refrain from answering the questions, but know we welcome anyone who wants to come in and support the PGAL ladies and their milestones with encouragement or love tits! Thank you! 

1. How many weeks are you?

2. Previous loss(es)?

3. How are you feeling? Emotionally and physically?

4. Any appointment updates?

5. Rants/Raves/Questions? 

6. Any milestones coming up? 

7. GTKY: What is the number 1 thing you need to have in your hospital bag?

Re: PGAL 02/07

  • Sorry guys. I have my AS coming up in 4 days and I need this thread today:/

    1. How many weeks are you? 19+3

    2. Previous loss(es)? 2 MMC

    3. How are you feeling? Emotionally and physically? Physically the nausea has returned in full force after about a week off. Emotionally...I was doing ok until I started telling people. Now the AS is almost here and my stress levels are....crazy.

    4. Any appointment updates? AS on Monday, OB appointment Tuesday

    5. Rants/Raves/Questions? I think I'm starting to feel movement. But it is in no way consistent. Which is messing with my head. I'm so worried the AS will show there is no longer a heart beat. I have absolutely no reason to think this, but I can't help it. It's like my mind keeps reverting back to "you think you're pregnant...but maybe you're not anymore" mode. I need real undeniable movement to start soon.

    6. Any milestones coming up? The AS on Monday. 

    7. GTKY: More clothes for DD. Last time we had a week long hospital stay as DD was losing weight and my milk didn't come in so we had to stay until we figured out feeding and she started gaining. She was basically naked in a diaper and hospital blanket the whole time. And it was cold at night! I still feel bad about that. And a nursing nightgown for me that I don't mind throwing away after. I was also naked in a hospital gown the entire week. It wasn't pretty.

  • 1. How many weeks are you? 19w

    2. Previous loss(es)? MMC

    3. How are you feeling? Emotionally and physically? Emotionally is up and down. The longer it’s been since I’ve had an appointment, the worse it is.  Physically isn’t too bad. I’ve started getting more RLP and Braxton Hicks have arrived.

    4. Any appointment updates? AS was good. No appointments until the end of the month.

    5. Rants/Raves/Questions? After the baby I don’t know if I should stay at my job, find part time work, or stay home for some time.  It feels like so much is in the air.

    6. Any milestones coming up?  Past the loss, but I still worry that something happened and I don’t know it. I’m not sure if I’m feeling movements or not. 

    7. GTKY: What is the number 1 thing you need to have in your hospital bag?
    For me personally, I think my #1 thing will be a good, comfy wireless nursing bra.  I started a hospital bag list... that could be a good thread if anyone is interested.
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  • @Panaceia I can only commiserate about the anxiety and lack of definite kicks.  I’m feeling similarly and I don’t know how to make it better.  As for the nightgown, I’m still debating if I should get one or not. I got a robe to wear over the hospital gown afterwards.
  • @mama_bear19 I guess we'll just have to find a way to make it to the point where we can feel consistent movement! And I like your idea of a robe. That is likely a much better idea!

    I was thinking about starting a hospital bag thread but thought it was too early. But I do really need some help with this. My bag from last time was lacking.
  • 1. How many weeks are you? 18W4D

    2. Previous loss(es)? 5

    3. How are you feeling? Emotionally and physically? So tired. And everything hurts. Emotionally, my level of rage is not comfortable for me, and I know it is actually a sign of depression, so I really need to find someone to talk to about this. 

    4. Any appointment updates? AS next Wednesday. 

    5. Rants/Raves/Questions? Rant -  I'm so done with moving. I'm not physically done, but I have already hit the "just throw it the fuck out" stage. We are close to actually done though, and my DH is going to fight it out with the 
    landlord for our deposit since the water heater issue forced a quick no notice move before our lease was up. Sort of a rave I guess - it has always been hard for me to crack how my DH has felt about our losses, but he cursed out the landlord telling her that after 5 losses there was "no fucking way I am risking my wife and my fetus staying in this place!". It warms my heart to have him verbalized his need to protect me and the baby. 

    6. Any milestones coming up? 

    7. GTKY: What is the number 1 thing you need to have in your hospital bag? A phone charger. And a nursing gown - the hospitals ones were uncomfortable!
  • @Panaceia I *think* I felt definite movement today, but I haven’t felt it since.  Of course since I haven’t felt it again, I’m questioning myself...
    @indulgentgypsy do you find that you have to throw out the nursing gown after using it in the hospital? I’m glad you’re almost done moving. I hate moving.
  • @mama_bear19 I honestly don't remember, but I doubt I threw it out. Too broke to throw things away! ;) I gave it a good solid wash and I'm pretty sure I used the same gown for a few more months after, and then again for baby#2. 
  • How many weeks are you? 19

    2. Previous loss(es)? 7.

    3. How are you feeling? Emotionally and physically? Physically, mostly good. Suddenly my hip joints are SORE. Emotionally, also good! I feel random movement here and there and it helps. 

    4. Any appointment updates? No. Reg OB next week and AS the week after. 

    5. Rants/Raves/Questions? Not really... my dad sort of announced the pregnancy on FB yesterday as part of a post about my brother’s birthday. We are telling people but really only those we see/talk to. 

    6. Any milestones coming up? All behind me. 

    7. GTKY: What is the number 1 thing you need to have in your hospital bag? Snacks! Chargers.

    @Panaceia, I had a nursing gown last time and LOVED it. So comfy and wore it as long as I could. Makes life so much easier. I’ll be a c/s so have a few days to camp out. I have the nursing gown and will take it back. No need to throw out. I think i waited 24 hours, though... 

    also, to you and @mama_bear19 - movement is so random at this point! Not regular! We are WEEKS away from kick counts for a reason! 
  • @indulgentgypsy and @Happyin14 good to know you enjoyed the nursing gowns. I have thought about it. I was thinking about skipping it to save the money, but maybe I’ll get one. I like your idea about waiting a bit to wear it @Happyin14.  I was planning on doing that with the robe I ordered. I should get the robe soon. If I like it, maybe I’ll get the gown too! 

    @Happyin14 logically, I know you’re right about kicks.  Emotionally, it can be rough even though you know sporadic is normal. 
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