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Pregnancy Dreams

Do we have a thread about this yet? If so, I missed it and I think we should  :) I've never really been someone who remembered my dreams, but they are SO weird and frequent now! I'd love to hear everyone else's!

Some of my recent ones: 

  • The one where I went to a boarding school that was a cross between Hogwarts and the futuristic space world of the Jetsons. While there, I had to play in a basketball game against the Harlem Globe Trotters. Whichever team lost was killed!
  • The one where an old co-worker, whom I haven't spoken to in about 5 years but who I know is also pregnant via social media, and I were working together again and had a secret "handshake" where we bumped our bellies together. [Which I would never do... the thought freaks me out...]
  • The one where I was driving my car and it was full of cats - like hundreds of them. I couldn't see because they covered the windshield. 

Re: Pregnancy Dreams

  • My craziest pregnancy dream was with my first when I dreamed she was going to be an elephant! But instead of being alarmed I was like "Oh well, guess I'll need a csection!"😂 
    I've also had dreams where the baby was born and I couldn't for the life of me remember what we had named it.
    Then there was the one where African animals were running loose all over my parent's farm. Yeah, I have weird dreams a lot anyway.  But they get much weirder during pregnancy!
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    I recently had another dream that I gave birth to a girl. This is the third girl dream so far this pregnancy--I think they keep happening because each girl dream makes me more convinced I'm having one. Anyway, I held her and commented to the nurse that my baby looked like her, not me or DH. My baby hard dark features and DH and I have fair features, so I figured the baby took after BIL or my mom. Then when I went to pick up the baby's birth certificate, I read it and found out they entered completely the wrong name--Olivia Alissa. I told them they had to remake it with her real name (I gave them the one DH and I plan to use) and waited for the new certificate to be printed. All I could think was, "Well, this will be a fun fact she can tell people when she's older. 'I had a different name the day I was born!'"
    I'm a little disappointed in myself. I can do weirder than that ;) 
  • OMG I feel the same my dreams are toooooo crazy and feel so real I’m like wtf!!! I sometimes wake up with migraines bcuz of it ! I hope I don’t sound too crazy but sheesh😅
  • I was on this season of the Bachelor with Colton. And I don’t even like him. He’s not my type. 

  • I just had a dream that I showed up to some random conference room completely nude to start labor and there were at least 100 friends, acquaintances, strangers and my parents there and they were all eating and sharpening my colored pencils. After sitting around awkwardly nude for a while the midwives decided it was time to begin.. but then I remembered I was only 17w along and they said they were only setting things up and that I’d come back on March 26. So then everyone left. 
  • I've had some weird dreams lately but by FAR the strangest one: I was preparing to act in a scene with Tom Brokaw (the news anchor) and we had to rehearse at this actor's union house in NYC during a party. He had a puppy that kept trying to nip me and eventually bit one my fingers while we were rehearsing. 

    WHAT EVEN?! 
  • My dreams are so vivid that I can taste and feel stuff. 
    First one- my friend was a bartender and she made bomb burger sliders. I followed the tray around and then demanded she make me some. 😂

    I keep having dreams of my baby being born. One the baby had really huge feet in the ultrasound but then they were born and I just loved them and playing with them and it was normal to me. My mom said I was giggling in my sleep that night. Every time I dream of my baby, I wake up very happy.

    last night, I dreamed I saw my ex in Walmart. I walked up to him and hugged him. I apologized for being clingy when we were together and assured him i’d calmed down now that I was finally expecting the baby I always dreamed of. He said it wasn’t me, it was never me he just wasn’t ready for me but he’s glad I’m happy. That relationship bothered me because i never got closure and it felt like my baby was gifting me with the peace as if I’d had closure. He’s been on my mind since but only in a “I wish i could tell you my dream and see if you’re happy,” kind of way. I’m happy and I hope that for everyone in my past too. 
  • DD has been super sick lately, so I keep having dreams that she’s crying in her sleep and I go check on her, only to have her sleeping soundly. I then wake up and I’m more tired than when I went to sleep. Repeat dream cycle. 
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